Just a few gadgets for Christmas… (not ones that exist one’s I wish existed)

1All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth and a few other things, but the two front teeth are a good start. For the most part the rest of my list is gadgets. Oh yeah, and I need a new pair of walking shoes, I’ve managed to wear the bottom of my current ones nearly to the point of them not being shoes, just tops for my feet, with the bottoms on the road.

I do need family and stuff like that there, also, but gadget wise there are a couple I have had my eye on for a while now. One of them, a rod holder that fits on our new boat is one I’ve already ordered. The other things I really need are, well already there. But you know, you can always use a few new gadgets. One of the things I really need is induction cookware, in particular since we have most of what we need I need an Ebel Skiver pan that works on the induction cooktop. I don’t know if our current one will I Indeed to test it out. (Ebel is Danish for Apple, Skiver is a pancake. I have had these on Christmas morning my whole life).


A device that reduced the number of devices I carry would be nice. For example, when boating you need to be able to quickly range the boat that is coming towards you at an angle. This is also very helpful when you are driving but you can’t really put binoculars to your face while you are in the car, you can in a boat. Ranging binoculars that contains other devices would be useful. Plus, a pair of ranging binoculars that connected to your cellular device (as a video capture device) would also be cool. Why not add a senior for temperature, wind speed and a barometer to the glasses? You have to carry them anyway why not make them multi-functional.

Devices that connect to your car are available now, adding to what they know about your car is an intriguing reality. I personally use the Automatic tools for our cars. Although I did recently get the Navdy package, I haven’t had time to set it up in one of our cars to see. The advantage Navdy has is the heads up display of information on your cellular device. I will probably put it into my car and play with it for a bit. I am curious as to how good the heads-up display is.

3A device that integrates a good standalone camera with the capabilities of a 360-degree camera would also be interesting. There are panorama devices available now (they actually move taking pictures in a full circle) that make your existing one directional camera able to see more. But the value of a 360-degree camera as I mentioned yesterday is the cool software.

Personal health information is also expanding in both what you can measure and what your device can track. From Blood sugar in the morning to blood pressure at night. Or vice versa, and there are many more that you can track and measure. ECG is another thing you can measure and share with your device (and by the way your doctor) as more and more health devices connect the world will be smaller and smaller.

I guess that is the real impact of technology on the world. Making the world a smaller and smaller place and capturing more and more data!


Gadget wanderer…