Time once again to threaten to clean my home office…

I am going to clean and organize my office. I am saying it before New Year’s because it is not my New Year’s resolution. It is in fact, just something I say every year. I need a Fitbit for organization to keep me on track. Anyway, not really going to happen but I feel better bringing it up.

I got a great email asking why my cool tech Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects blog hasn’t made a December appearance. For the most part two-fold, the number of new projects in December tends to drop and the number I am interested goes down from 10, 12 or more at a time to 1 or 2 over the course of the whole month. Not that people don’t have great ideas in the months of November, December and January just that they tend to be building the cool ideas of the summer in the winter. Not a lot of really cool new products appear in that time period.

That said I am very sad that one of the projects I was backing didn’t make it. A drone that could actually land on water, be in water and actually had sonar modules as well as a waterproof camera so you could take pictures underwater. A very cool idea called Aquadrone. Sadly, it didn’t reach the finish line. That often happens when you move into the higher priced drone world. I find most projects that get funded rapidly are less than 100 dollars.

Now there is still cool tech to consider and play with during this time period, but it is not Kickstarter and Indiegogo tech. The beginning of my family history project was the realization that we had more than 30,000 slides that my father left. Many of those pictures were iconic moments of our families past and needed to be saved. We tried three different scanners before finally settling on the Epson scanner. The Epson V750 Pro is the scanner we settled on. It is bar none the best scanner we found that handled pictures, slides and full size prints. An amazing tool for our project. The software is easy to use, and it is the most reliable scanner. We used it every day during the Family History Scanning project, and it still operates today! (two years of everyday use). We ended up scanning over 50,000 slides, pictures and other memories.

Navdy is another interesting cool tech project. I am putting the device (heads up display) in the car to try it out. It (Navdy) includes a dash display and a plug for your car’s management port. I have the box sitting in my office and haven’t gotten it to a car yet. That is on the list of things to do over the holiday. Put Navdy in car so it can be used, rather than sitting on the floor of my office.

I actually have the pool table in the basement covered with a number of in-flight projects. I really need to figure out better ways of moving projects along. I don’t have a lot of time between walking and working so I like to have the projects easily accessible when I do have time. But I need to get some of them done, and moving on. Three projects will be done in the next few days.

· Replace weather station – in process should be done in the next couple of days.

· Send the rest of my grandfather’s films to the digitization group. I have the box, need to pack it and get it on its way. This is the last phase of the family history project that I have access to now, digitizing all of my grandfather’s old films. He took a lot starting in 1948 and they are an important part of our family visual history.

· Water Strider and Phantom Drone. This is a finish up and cleanup project because I don’t have a place to store the water-strider in the basement. I really need a room of shelves that I can store things in, on and near.

Then I have a couple of things to sell. Those are items that I listed a few times on eBay but didn’t actually end up selling. I suspect because they are tech that is a little older. In the end, I am going to shut off the XM Radio and donate the whole thing to Goodwill for a tax write-off. I no longer need a portable XM radio anyway. I can listen to XM on my iPhone, iPad and virtually anywhere I am.

I guess, if I can get the tech organized in my basement, I will have come a long way in the overall goal of getting my office clean!


Messy office is the sign of a clean mind.