4 recommendations for home security in the age of automation…

Make it easier or make it faster. The value of automation in the end is removing risk. We automated our house two years ago, In the time since starting our home automation project we have added two additional rooms to the process. In fact, the only thing we really haven’t added to our home automation project is to combine the automation of the alarm system for the house and the home automation system. We figured why make it easier. If someone is going to hack our house, make them hack two separate systems rather than one.

It is also why I spend a lot of time talking about bandwidth and home networks. I started building home networks many years ago, my first major reworking on a home to produce a more stable and effective home network was a dismal failure. There were huge dead zones in the house and frankly the net available bandwidth was much less than needed. This was even before the days of Netflix. In the post, Netflix world that network would have died quickly. It had issues, and frankly I cobbled it together over the course of time. I should have been more careful about the components and systems I used in the set-up.

Recommendation 1: Use the Apple Airports to extend your network. They do require a physical connection to your network (Ethernet) but they do an amazing job.

Recommendation 2: Set-up a separate wi-fi router for your Internet of things devices.

Just doing those two will reduce the pain of your home network. I know once upon a time, that my family would call me (I traveled a lot for work) because the Internet at home was down. I knew how to walk them through getting it working again, but it took time and added stress to their lives. Now, it is a simple remote login and reset. They never have to worry about it, of course, I don’t travel anymore but the capability is there and available if needed.

Recommendation 3: Get as many devices connected via Ethernet as you can. Why? It will reduce the impact on your system considerably.

Your home router is a lot better at routing via Ethernet than it is via Wi-Fi. There is less reliance on the Cache of the router, therefore you are less likely to overload the router. Plus, if you have devices that need to be connected all the time, having them on Ethernet actually helps you in your other battles. I try to keep Netflix users in the house on the Ethernet, it allows us to have 2, 3 and even 4 systems connected to Netflix at the same time without saturating the network and causing the always wonderful buffering screen.

I have shared these recommendations several times. The intent is not to pound them over and over simply to point out to readers that keep your network simple helps. The other thing to consider is one of the many home firewall systems that are available. A high-end hacker if they have decided to attack your network can be stopped. If you simply walk over to the router and turn it off. Your connection to the Internet is the router from your ISP, if that is off you have no way to be attacked from the outside.

Recommendation 4: Be able to turn off your home routers.

The incidence of small businesses being attacked and hacked is growing. The number of reasons to attack and home, is pretty high as well. The primary goal of a hack of someone’s home is to gain bots. Bots are used in attacking systems with more security, that require more processing power. Being able to turn off your entire network removes the participation of the bots in your house. In fact, if you do turn off your Internet connection because you think you have been hacked, turn off all your devices. Unplug them from the power source. Then plug them in one at a time while watching your network traffic. You can reduce your risk, but simply following the 4 recommendations today.

Sometimes we portray hackers as people wearing hoodies and in the shadows. What they do at times is in the shadows but they don’t all wear hoodies. There are many types of hackers. The easiest way to hack a home, life or business is to do so via the weakest link in any system, the human being. So, don’t assume you can identify hackers by their hoodies!

They may not be wearing one.


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