My love of music has not changed. I love listening to Neil Young. But the speakers I listen on have changed radically!

When I was 12 years old I listened to Armed Forces Radio. The broadcast originated in Saigon but was pushed to Bangkok and retransmitted there. So, I heard it live but on roughly a 10 second delay. I listened on an old, old now but then new radio my parents had bought me for my birthday a year or so before that. It had AM/FM and shortwave bands so I listened a lot. I found Armed Forces radio about a week after we landed in Thailand.

During the next year, there were three songs that played all the time. I can’t get no Satisfaction by the rolling stones, Alone again, Naturally by Gilbert O’Sullivan and Heart of Gold by Neil Young. I had listened to Neil Young in Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and he was an artist I both enjoyed and was following.

That radio traveled with me half way across the world. It was for many years a treasured possession because it took me from where I was to the world beyond. Music is an interesting application of technology. The better the speakers the better the sound. The better the sound the better the experience, except there is something about listening to a radio broadcast of an IU Basketball game on a mediocre speaker system with your dad. I miss that time in fact.

My father was not an audiophile. He had records and a stereo but more I think for show than sound. It was an old cabinet speaker and record player with a built-in radio. I started with an all in one music player myself many years ago, the first one I had was 8 track, record and radio. But the 8-track died and I stopped buying them, focusing on records. Later tapes and then CD’s took over.

Now the world of music is exploding. Personally, I am a huge Sonos fan. There are many wireless speaker systems you can consider, Sonos is the one I decided was right for our house. I have speakers on every level of the house. You can connect to them via the application or directly on the speaker. You can also control them via the Control4 system (home automation).

I listen to music as I write my blog, so I like choices. I can choose any one of the decades on XM or I can quickly switch to the Amazon Echo and play music by specific artists. I am currently as I type this listening to the music of Neil Young played on Amazon’s stream prime music. Heart of Gold hasn’t come around yet, but I did get to hear Old Man.

When you are setting up your Sonos system there are several things to consider. For example, if you are looking for a home theater experience you will need the following parts:

Sonos Bass, Sonos Bar and two remote speakers. They are really easy to set-up. Mount the bar on the wall and take the bass as far away from the bar in the room as you can. Then between the bass and the bar put the two remote speakers. As you turn them on and connect them in the software they will ask you where they physically are in relation to the Sound Bar.

Set-up is done!

I did my home theater (or family room honestly but I call it the theater because that is cooler) first. We then added another Sound Bar in our living room. You can be using their software (or Control 4) literally play the same music on all the connected speakers. Recently I had a team of pros come in and connect all the music devices I have to the Sonos bar in my basement. Now I can play from the devices (CD jukebox, Tape Player, Record Player, Mini-Disc Player) that I have collected over the years. The cool thing is I can play music all over the hosue from the sources in the basement. There is something to be said for great speakers playing a record. I still love the sound of LP’s from time to time. There is a crisp cleanness with CD’s and streaming music that is awesome, but there is still something about playing an LP. About hearing the hiss of vinyl.

Sonos, a great way to fill your home with music!


Music Lover, Neil Young Fan (still!!!)