Not just Screen as a Service, but my data, my screen as a service…

Image result for samsung gearAs a want to be writer I spend a little time every early am before I work out writing. It is my passion beyond technology, and frankly writing about technology every day allows me to bring the two things I love together.

Sometimes I wax poetic about technologies that while they exist on paper do not exist in reality. Sometimes I go down the rabbit hole and post everything about a specific technology that I am thinking about and considering. Cloud and Cloud Brokers are in fact one of those. Bloomsky Micro-Weather station is another one of those rabbit holes.

My apologies if my posting of weather time-lapse videos and pictures was overmuch in the past few days. I am a huge weather geek. In part because I love being on the water, and weather impacts boats a lot more than you realize. Or if you are a boater as well you know weather is critical. I also am a weather geek because it is a science that is evolving. Weather is one area where technology is making the world a better, safer and more interesting place.

Image result for iwatchThat said, it is only one of my technology passions. I’ve posted a number of geek gift guides for the holiday season. Gadgets are innovations that make life a little better. The explosion of connection that rose out of the internet that we call the Internet of Things changes gadgets forever. First off, in reducing the number of things we carry. While at the same time increasing the number of things we can do. In a matter of 10 minutes I can get you an exact laser measurement of a specific space and I can capture a 3d scan of a specific object. All with my iPad and nothing else (or it could be an Android Tablet, I use mine for other tasks). I could, using only software and the integrated GPS of my tablet (Samsung Note in fact) see what airplanes are directly over my house at any time during the day. I can write on pictures I have taken using my device or pictures I took 20 years ago, and scanned into digital format.

As I peek around the corner, look ahead to the next 5 years I see some interesting changes coming that will make lives even more interesting. Things that we do today that technology will enable and automate and make it easier for us to do other things. It is also a time of trepidation for many. The fear of losing your job to automation is scary. Automation allows companies to literally do more with less, and at a lower cost.

What is the biggest change I see coming? Well it is the process of information presentation. I have long been an advocate for the concept I call SCRaaS. Or the Screen as a Service. There are a number of devices from the Samsung Gear to the Pebble and the iWatch that are part of this concept. There is also the additional reality of the PopSlate (version 2 is shipping in March 2017). The concept of controlling what screen is displaying information you are consuming. The next step in that is loosely here now, but remains just a little tougher to use than it should be. That would be the consumption (natively) of your television or conference room monitors by simply entering the room. Today you have to make an effort to connect. Eventually as data gets more easily consumed, the data will tell you when you need to be using a larger monitor than the screen of your cell phone or your tablet.

Image result for popslateThe evolution of IoT into CPS (Cyber Physical Systems) is one that will change not only the compute landscape around us, but the screens and the devices we carry. Information that is critical will appear on my smart watch. Information that is good to know will appear on the always on screen of my device (PopSlate) and finally information I need to have but that requires a form of consumption will offer me the opportunity to engage the consumption process automatically.

Then we will have reached the information age. When all the information we need is available and easily consumed in a format that isn’t stressful and doesn’t take time to setup we have reached that glorious age that pundits have been calling us in for the past 5 years.

We are close, so close. But still so far away. The information age is nearly here. When that photo album on your coffee table is digital, we are there.


SCRaaS inventor…