Information age not here yet. Information for that age, h3ere now but well…

One of the things that always interests me is the concept of measurement. There are a number of types of measuring devices including Geiger counters, wind meters and infra-red cameras. Each measures a specific thing. Each thing, impacts you in a different way so knowing what is, is important. As a boater, I am also interested in Radar because it tells me how close things are to my boat. I am also interested in the downward looking sonar that tells me how much water I have under me. With a boat, you don’t want to venture into water that is well too shallow for the boat you are in.

All of these things provide both visual and auditory feedback, they are the seniors that make up part of what we now call the Internet of Things. Some of them are not connected today and therefore are not IoT devices. But the number of connected devices in the various spaces around us are increasing every single day.

It is something I have changed since getting my first pocket pc phone, now more than 15 years ago, what additional measurements can I take, have or make available via the devices connected to my phone. I realize that the path I was on originally (sleeves for my pocket pc) was not the right path. Stopping what you are doing to add a different sensor or sleeve isn’t optimal. In fact, the evolution of what is in the phone has been incredible. Accelerometers make great seismographs. Well not great but they can tell you if that is you shaking or the ground under you shaking.

One of the problems with more functionality on devices is the reality of usage. If the device becomes too complex to use, people won’t use it. That is why the world of bite-sized software has exploded. Software that uses one feature or function of your phone, really well. An easy to understand and consume interface that results in your quickly catching on to how and what to do.

The other side of bite sized software for me, is the concept of integrated messaging. Where the data from a variety of device sensors is presented to me, as the consumer, in a single unified screen. There are a number of systems that have this capability today. Android and iOS offer this natively. The problem I have is my social feed overwhelms the traditional sensor data screen so I have a secondary application I can launch that forces the social feed to the device pop-up window.

All of this to collect data. All of this creating the concept of Micro Data systems. Micro being the new IoT Buzz word, from Micro Grids (localized power grid) to Micro Weather (localized weather information). All of the data we have moving to the Micro delivery model. Start small, build and share information, eventually the data will show not only the reality of weather (Micro Weather stations show the fluctuation within a small to large geographic area). But also, the direct impact (what the Micro Grids generating power during the day and consuming power during the night with little to no generation).

It can be like drinking from a fire hose. What seems like a funny idea. But a firehose pushes out water at more than 60 psi. That is way more than your facet and way more than you can drink. So, the inundation that occurs when trying to drink from a firehose leaves more water outside of you than the small amount you are able to consume.

The flood (inundation) is a scary reality of both the devices we carry and the future state of IoT. The evolution of humans to absorb that type of information quickly is occurring but it takes 3 to 4 generations (or roughly 50 years) for that to occur. For now, we have those who struggle to stay with the pack and those who are left behind.

You see that flood is only going to increase. Today you can measure a lot of the world around you. Spike, a measurement tool by Ike is a great tool that lets you take your cellular device and measure distance in fairly large areas. Dario allows you to measure your blood sugar using your cellular device. Withings has a series of exercise and measurement tools you can connect to your cellular device (I love their blood pressure cuff). The world of data connected to your device is increasing. Now to a degree using connected versions of devices can help you cut down the noise (you only care when the readings are outside the range you set) but it does increase the amount of data you consume.

The future of information is coming. The information age is near. Not here yet though, so please post on every single analysts post that says the information age is here, NOT HERE YET.


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