As 2016 nears its close, I am working to make 2017 a bettor year!!!

IMG_0158I cannot believe it is already December 2016. I would love to put it in the books as a good year but so far, it is not a good year. In fact it ranks just below 2014 as far as bad years. In many respects it is a lot better now than 2014 was. The events that were devastating in 2014 have healed a bit. But 2016 has not been a great year. Its passing, its demise will not go fought. I will let 2016 pass into that good night without even considering raging against it.

One of the fun things I’ve been doing is posting fun links on YouTube to Time-Lapse weather videos. All of them produced by the Bloomsky Micro-Weather system. Frankly my YouTube channel is mostly family videos and recorded family dinner conversations. There are a few videos in there however that are things I find interesting. The time-lapse weather stuff is, well some of that! There is something about rain on a camera lens that is fun. I don’t know why it just looks cool.

2016 is the year we got back into boating. I hadn’t realized until I was back on the water how much the 5 previous boat free years bothered me. I love being on the water and we went on two cruises during the period we didn’t have a boat, but being to be on my boat when I wanted was what I missed. Now beyond enjoying the boat we also get to explore Annapolis Maryland.

DylanIt was also the year that the long-promised family trip to Europe happened. We went to Norway (Bergen, Gelsinger and Kristensand) as well as Germany (Rostock), Denmark (Lego Land and Copenhagen) and finally to Barb’s ancestral stomping grounds Amsterdam. I really loved spending two weeks with the kids and my wife. We spent the first week in Europe on a cruise, Costa Cruise lines. I was warned by a number of people that Costa wasn’t a good cruise. I disagree, or at least the crew and boat we were on were fantastic. Other than blaring Italian Opera throughout the ship when we left port each day, the cruise was amazing. The food was spectacular. The boys still talk about the breakfast, and how much they miss it. We got to take a recreation iconic picture in Copenhagen. My father and I stood side by side 40 years ago and took pictures of the Little Mermaid statue in the harbor of Copenhagen. Jakki, Luke, Nick, Barb and I stood side by side and took pictures (each of us) of the Little Mermaid in June 2016. That was an amazing experience.

(the picture is of Dylan occupying the massage chair in my office. The Labs have claimed that chair as sovereign Lab territory. I cannot tell you how many times on the weekends I have to shoe them out of my chair!)

I was forced this year to choose between my personal ethics and the overall ethics of an organization. I choose my personal organization and severed any connection with the organization in question. It is wrong on every level to behave the way that company behaved. There is no excuse for intentional dishonesty and lack of ethics. None. I believe in the ethical treatment of others. I believe you have to be honest and pay for the things you use. Always.

The presidential election was so negative it really took the rest of the year with it. Horrible things were said on both sides. It will take 4 years for us to heal. Hopefully things will improve during that time. It did however end the year on a bad note.

My goal is to make 2017 a better year. To smile more. To laugh more. To find a way to share more videos of sunny days with clouds passing across our windows. To reach out and help people whenever I can. To count on and to be counted on by those who need help. To be a raisin in the sun warm and basking in the delight of the day.


I believe in doing the right thing.