My 2016 Top Ten Gadget List!!!!!

IMG_0158One of the things that I geek about is weather. In part because of the impact weather has on us. In part because I love being out on my boat, so weather determines the quality of the boating experience overall. That is why I have over the years reviewed many different weather stations. Including the one I did just a few days ago, about the Bloomsky. I just uploaded yesterday’s sunny Time Lapse to YouTube, from the Bloomsky, really cool video. You can find it here.

The coolest thing in watching the Time-lapse is watching, with the sun out, watching the temperature declines as the low-pressure cell moves in. That also points out why to have a weather station at your home, the NWS reading for Germantown at 5 pm was 52 degrees. It was 44 and cold where we were. It takes time for large masses of pavement to cool down.

I decided based on the number of reviews I’ve done recently, plus the three geek Christmas lists I’ve done (and frankly the response to them has been overwhelming) that I am going to do a top ten 2016 Christmas gadgets list. This represents devices I own, use and/or reviewed (I don’t review everything) based on the past 12 months! These are not ranked in any order other than listing the 10 items and the order I decided to list them in!

1. Bloomsky– yes, the most recent item definitely makes the list. Just the weather time-lapse video alone is worth the cost of the unit. I cannot wait for the first snow storm!!!

PB0900042. Flashforge Dreamer – the is bar none the best 3d printer I’ve owned (I’ve had 3 others). Software is easy to use. Printer does a good job with the print jobs and the overall quality is amazing.

3. iPhone 7 plus – the phone looks high tech. The 256 of storage (double the previous most for iPhones) is beyond amazing. Fast, response the only knock I have is a user error issue that caused my phone to drain its battery far too fast, but I fixed that by reducing the user error issue.

4. Microsoft Hololens – what can I say this device is beyond amazing. I actually wear it when on conference calls because I can mute the phone and look things up fast with Cortana!

5. 3doodler pro – the pen that launched an empire! You can use the new version to draw in plastic, wood, metal and other materials. Whatever you imagine suddenly visible in all three dimensions – draw in 3d!

6. OpenROV – I recently sold my old version (waiting for the new version) great device for diving underwater and seeing what is below you, without getting wet!

7. DJ Phantom 3 (or the new 4 as well) great aerial drones. Where OpenROV sends the drone down into the water, Phantom goes up into the sky. I love the video I posted on YouTube where you can clearly see the shaking as the hawk dives at the device in mid-air.

8. Bubl 360-degree camera. I love my Bubl, first the software on my iPhone is awesome. Secondly the ability to create 360-degree video – amazing!

9. Prynt – a device that slides over your iPhone (as long as you have the smaller iPhone) or allows you to use a pass through lightening cable to print pictures right from your phone to the printer. They are the really cool Zync paper printers so you can print stickers and other cool pictures right from your phone. Plus, it has a battery so you can print on the fly!

10. Spike from Ike – I recently had to do a lot of measurements and I didn’t have a lot of time to do the measurements, but Spike from Ike solved that problem. A crowd funded laser measurement tool, it attaches to your cellular phone and allows you to quickly determine the size of any space. Just a great tool!

That is my top ten list for 2016. They are not in any particular order and I do heartily recommend all of the devices. I use each of them nearly every day! They are great tools to add to your home, gadget and of course geek tool belt!


Cubs Win, Cubs Win!