Just another shameless IoT review Bloomsky weather!

IMG_0157In the best sense of customer service, I have to acknowledge that I am a massive weather geek. Probably well beyond what would be considered normal for weather aficionado. Well into the geeky overkill range.

That said, a new weather station has appeared. I have XM weather for my car. It is great and I love getting weather warnings on the information screen of my car. But this new weather station is different and frankly amazing.

It is just another shameless review, Bloomsky! When I read the original Kickstarter campaign for Bloomsky I was interested. A weather station that had solar power (I still have to from time to change the batteries in one of my weather stations. It tells me the batteries are low, but I still physically have to change them so solar is nice). But let’s also not just have a weather station. Let’s add a time lapse camera to the system.

Temperature – check. Barometric pressure – check. View of the sky during the daylight hours – check. So, as you see from the images I was playing with the camera position (still not done) yesterday. I took a few pictures including one of the predawn sky this morning (the last day of November 2016).

First off weather stations are as much about location and use as any IoT device. In the case of weather stations the win or lose is the software. I love my Davis Weather station but the software is at best hard to use and configure. NetATMO is awesome (still have to change the batteries) but the software is amazing.

IMG_0158When I backed Bloomsky I figured it would be in the middle. Decent hardware and decent software. I can honestly say I was doubly wrong. The hardware is awesome, well designed and very flexible. I mounted it off the back deck of my house. Partially because I wanted to verify the readings against the other two weather stations. Partially because I am lazy and that was the easiest location to mount it.

Hardware – amazing – even easier to set-up the hardware for the Bloomsky than my previous favorite in the easy set-up space NetATMO. The Davis was the hardest to set-up but provides you with the most information. NetATMO was the next hardest to set-up and has a number of standalone sensors. Bloomsky has the easiest set-up and also the most interesting software. Plus, you get pictures taken of the sky throughout the day.

(the distortion is from rain drops – really cool effect)!

I am sharing those pictures with you, they come from the backyard of my house. Actually, from the corner of the deck off the upper level of the hosue. I am really impressed with the software. I love being able to send pictures of right now, to myself. Yesterday was the first day in IMG_0159November this year when it actually measurably rained so that was interesting to see. I can’t wait to see the time lapse photos of an entire day. I have the unit pointing in the direction of the sunrise and sunset. Although sunset will be behind our house so it won’t be quite as cool.

Overall this is a great first, second or third weather station. It adds the ability to have time lapse day time sky photos. It includes a solar power cell so you don’t have to change the batteries. It shuts its camera down at night to concessive power. I have a telescope with a camera attachment for night time pictures anyway!

Oh yeah, and the unit looks cool. It is fun playing with Camera angles and seeing what you see!


I am a weather geek