The connection ah that is the rub…

Image result for connected devicesTo connect or not to connect, that is the question. Tis nobler to write down all the many things you need to remember rather than allowing a device to stand between you and your humanity. I shall not write notes in that good night. I shall rage against the machine and in finding another way seek some sort of retribution.

Yon Hamlet, alone upon the parapets of the castle dark, speaking with the ghost of a person no longer there. Is he mad? Or does he lack information? Lack foresight and working knowledge of the art of the possible? Did hamlet, in speaking with his father now dead, leave his smart phone at home?

No smart phone or digital camera, Hamlet unable to prove his father, returned from the grave had spoken to him, had charged him with vengeance. You see, as I have been told, it isn’t real if it isn’t on Facebook. But now, in the times past and now long since Hamlet himself dead, suddenly we are assailed by the reality of dishonesty on Facebook.

I do not come here now to connect with Caesar or Hamlet. Instead with a Blood Pressure cuff. Yea verify that is my dream connection. To know that my blood, not currently pressured, rests happily within me.

Enough Shakespeare. Enough timeless Bard stuff. Connections are interesting. Both from the what are you connected to, but also from the information you get from the connected device. I can today, connect a thermometer. Tracking over time the changes in temperatures (which if you are trying for a baby is really critical information) or if you already have a baby and want to see what their temperature is. Blood pressure, weather, and blood sugar are all things you can connect to your phone or tablet and find out what is what.

Connection is the basis by which the information age will move from potential to reality. Yes, I am stuck on this concept that the information age doesn’t exist until information is easily advisable for everyone. There is far too much information still in the heads and hard drives of people to be in the information age. The ability to easily get to the data requires a connection system and frankly that isn’t available today. The final death throes of the expert culture are beginning. The question is how long will that culture thrash around (and how many bystanders will be injured by the dying throes).

Image result for connected devicesNow there are rules for data. HIPAA applies to my thermometer, Blood pressure cuff and my blood sugar monitor. That data cannot exist without my approval. IT cannot be shared and of course it is of risk to me if it becomes public. My day after Thanksgiving blood sugar was 101. Not where I wanted it to be, not as bad as it was 4 years ago, the information I gather (and I shared one day out of 365 days of taking my blood sugar not relevant). My doctor cares more about the A1C (the running three-month average of my blood sugar) but that doesn’t come from combining my 1 day at a time readings into 90 and then averaging. That comes from a full blood draw.

The ability for medical professionals to have more engagement in what is happening in your life is a good thing. The reality of connection overall is good. Car phones are safer than phones held to your ears while you are driving. Having information available for your doctor can help you over time improve both your health but also make life a little easier. Knowing who is at your door because of a connected doorbell is amazing. It reduces the risk of package theft considerably. Some people don’t care if their picture is on the news at 6, because they brazenly walked up to a video monitored front porch and stole a package. But many people do care about that.

The future of connection is the reality of the dawn of the information age. When we get there, we will know. Why? Because information will be securely at our fingertips and we will not have to go beg information from an expert.

To connect or not to connect that is the question.