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Over the past few years the world of video surveillance has changed. You can now get a video doorbell that rings on your cellular device to let you know someone is at your door. You can connect to your doorbell and see who is there. Someone stealing packages from your front door? Get a video doorbell and you will have pictures of the person.

You can also quickly build a home video security system. The question I was thinking about yesterday was the reality of that surveillance. Do you have coverage for all your doors? Do you have indoor and outdoor coverage for the doors or just one or the other?

95% of the time people avoid our house (we have big dogs) but on occasion I do see people wandering up to our hosue. I clearly see them, and then they clearly see the cameras and walk away from the house. I wonder how many people casing houses for future burglaries have walked away because of the cameras?

I am constantly trying to improve the security of my home, cars and boat. Not because I fear someone rather because it offers peace of mind. Your quality of life is improved if you can, on heading out to dinner, check on your home remotely. Look into the video feed and see what is going on. Often. Because I am curious as to what our crazy dogs are doing. They run around the house like crazy people when we are gone. They aren’t people, but they are crazy.

Since adding the video cameras in the house, I have gotten to see a lot of crazy things that the dogs do when we are not there, plus a few people walking up to the house hearing the dogs and seeing the cameras and walking away. Like I said, most folks are worried when they hear dogs. If they aren’t where they are supposed to be, they get a little more worried.

Peace of mind is a funny thing. First off, that we worry about it. Second that we strive for peace of mind. I had a car accident about two years ago, that was a he said, he said situation. The other driver claimed that the accident was my fault. It wasn’t and the physics of the accident don’t actually support the argument she had, but the insurance company didn’t have a choice. It ended up being I paid for my car and she paid for her car. It bothered me. So now I have a camera in the car. I will never again be in a situation where I have to worry about that type of scenario again. I am curious as to how many people are heading down that path.

Or, is this an example of me going a bit too far because I am a geek. The injustice of dishonesty really bothers me sometimes. Look everyone tells untruths. It is part of life. But there are situations where you have to be honest. If you are not honest, then the situation is made worse. I can understand in a bad financial place not wanting responsibility for two deductibles. But you still have to be honest. I would have happily paid for my car. It wouldn’t have bothered me, other than the lying that resulted in me having to pay for my car.

So how many people have video cameras in their cars now?


wondering if it is just me…

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  1. Been driving with a “dash cam” for a few years now, they are legal in Sweden so in case of a accident I like the idea of a “digital witness” of what happened.

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