Cool Tech projects that are on Indiegogo and Kickstarter now!

Why not give the geek you care about, a card with an Indiegogo or Kickstarter contribution in their name, so when the product ships they get a gift twice? Once in a card from you and once in the mail or delivery service when the actual item arrives. Literally the gift that just keeps on giving!

My top technology projects from Indiegogo and Kickstarter for today, Thanksgiving Day 2016. First off Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are not stores. Anything you back can still fail and not deliver. That said today I will share some projects that I am interested in and of course, backing.


The first is Orbi. Orbi is a 360-degree set of glasses. They are in prototype stage (they have a working version of their technology) today. The glasses are designed to take video of what you see and what you see in video. 90 minutes of recording time gives you a chance to see a lot. I’ve backed projects like this one in the past, but this is the first that has all the functionality and features of ORBI. If you are interested the link is embedded above.

The second for Indiegogo (and last) for today is Bixpy. I backed their original project on Kickstarter that just didn’t quite get funded. This one is now officially funded and ready to roll. There are only five days left so this is a really exciting time to hop on the Bixpy train! Bixpy is an underwater propulsion device for people to use either with Kayaks, canoes, surfboards or other small water craft, or as a personal water propulsion system. Imagine swimming nearly as fast as an Olympic swimmer for 30 minutes! You can cover a lot of distance in the water!

Kickstarter with prideKickstarter

To start off this morning we have Aquadrone. There have been a couple of projects like this, multi-purpose modular drones. This one allows you to have sonar, to find fish, or to take your fishing line into hard to cast to places (which for me is virtually anywhere) or you can send the done out and take pictures. Why is this one special? It has a waterproof camera and the drone is also waterproof so you can land on the water and takes pictures using the camera, underwater. So, you have a Trimodal drone that is modular. Exciting!

My last project for today is Odin2. I backed the original projector and it is amazing. What you get is a projector that is also a standalone computer. With embedded android, the Odin2 will allow you to connect your tablet, computer or operate on its own. You can load Hulu, Netflix or many other applications (Dish Anywhere) so you can use the device as a portable television. Or as a small (it is very compact and easily fits in your computer bag) projector. I have been using the original Odin for the past 7 or so months and it is extremely useful!

Notes all projects are projects I back. Not ones that I donated to, but ones that I am personally backing. Not all projects come to fruition and sometimes projects fail. The dream of crowdfunding is helping innovators find a new path and direction. When they fail, don’t yell at them. Instead remember that they tried to deliver the dream.

On that note, off to the races.


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