Connection is possible with and because of Technology…

devices_788539The question I keep asking myself over and over. I am wrapped around not, the answer but the question. It happens sometimes. When the actual thought of questioning is greater than the sum of the answer. The parts, not equaling the whole.

I read a post this morning from a person advocating personal connection. Yet, their argument was one-sided and lacked a deeper perspective. A view that showed they had climbed the mountain and in looking down found a better path for the next person to reach the summit. It is as much about who you help as anything. The moments we are bound to, the moments we are locked in mortal combat with pass before us and then are gone.

The question asked was technology or people. Such a stupid question to ask. It is not about people vs. Technology. There is no Skynet today, looking over the world seeking John Connor, before he is John Connor. Ending him, before the moment of loss. As if in cutting the tendril the witches have that represents time, the line itself won’t wrap around your throat and change your timeline as well.

EvolutionLook you can do on-line banking. The thing to tell someone that is a great time saver. Unless your goal is different (not wishing to save time, wishing more for the social experience of visiting your local bank, seeing friends).

Technology is an aid not a replacement. We cannot use technology to replace human connection. We can use technology to make it easier to have human connection though. Technology doesn’t replace connection. But it can make it easier to connect more often. In the blog, I read the person said the reason the person they were talking to didn’t want to do things via technology was that they were alone. The person talking to them said but you can save time, you can save walking to the bank. The response was classic, but I see friends I talk to people I am alone otherwise.

Why do people miss the value of connection? Because it has value. A father, in the case of the blog I read telling a son I go to the bank because I am alone. I get to see friends and speak with people. Doesn’t hear the real problem. I am alone. I wish human connection. Technology can offer that simple connection quickly as well. Augment, not replace the trip to the bank. Help the person by adding a technology device such as Skype or Jibo that allows the son to call the father with video and chat. So, the father isn’t always alone. Still goes to the bank every day to enjoy human interaction. But can see and talk to the son at night, when alone is the worst.

the waveWhy do we limit our connections with technology to replacing human connection? It doesn’t, it shouldn’t and yet it does. Walking the other day with my sons I realized that given their cell phones, they would walk outside in the fall, in a brisk cold wind, with faces stuck in their cell phones. And, if my dog would let me so would I. It is an evolution and a devolution at the same time. We are connected more than ever before and yet less than at any time in history.

Do got gentle with that good tweet. Rage against the passing of the human torch. Call someone today. Put down the keyboard. Stop the tweet and instead go outside. Look at the sky and wonder what clouds may be? Look for the dragon in the sky instead of the Pokémon that lies just out of reach. Yes, technology is a limiter if we let it. But it is also a great enabler. Walk in the woods with no fear of being lost as long as your GPS has batteries. Be outside and enjoy the world of people.

Technology enables connection. Why do we bury it then? Why do we think an hour spent on banking is squandered but an hour spent, texting someone you have never met in person, is ok? Technology enables connection, let’s not use it as the excuse to not connect with other people. It isn’t you know, it is an enabler, not the reason you don’t talk to people. Windmills are not giants unless you want them to be giants.