More of my cool tech holiday geek gift series…

Next installment of my annual cool tech gifts. Normally in the past I’ve done this as a top 5 or top 10 list but I’ve gotten so many emails and comments on-line asking for more that I am adding to the cool tech list with multiple versions and lots of recommendations.

There are many flavors of geek’s in the gadget world. Not all gadgets appeal to all people so be aware of what your geek likes, first. That way you won’t wander down the wrong path!

First device is an outdoor lover’s device. It is called Beartooth and basically what it does is it extends the range of your cellular phone so that you can connect with and communicate up to ten miles away with another Beartooth user. If you don’t have cellular signal, you can still communicate using the wonderful Beartooth product. They come in pairs and are shipping in December of this year, perfect timing for a Christmas gift. The advantage of devices like this, is they work off grid. So, if you are in a place where text (SMS) and voice is less effective, you can switch to the Beartooth device and communicate freely!

Second device is for all the boaters out there. One of the things I love is the ability to connect devices to my cellular phone that enable and empower things I want to see. Deeper, is a great tool for that. Literally a “castable” sonar ball. So, you are fishing (or exploring) and need to know the depth ahead of you, to the starboard or to the port or astern. Easily done with deeper. A small sonar ball that connects with your iPhone and shows you the water temperature, depth and anything below in the water. Find fish quickly with pinpoint accuracy. Not like a fish finder or sonar that is under the boat. Deeper goes where you are fishing!

The next few things are devices that you use with your cellular phone or tablet. In particular, of course it is important to note that all of these works with Android and iOS phones. I cannot promise in all cases or for that matter in any cases that the device recommended will work with a windows phone. Most do not in fact have Windows Phone software so they are pretty useless on that platform. The first add on or plug in device is Structure. Structure is a 3d sensor you can attach to an iPad or Android Tablet and scan in 3d! Scanning in 3d opens a lot of doors. But in particular, for realtors and for people preparing to move it does help you scan your furniture and the new space to see if the two go together. The other thing about 3d scanning is that you can quickly view an object in all three dimensions. This allows you to consider printing the object scanned on your 3d printer. Structure is a great tool. Easily used and has a quick detach mount for your tablet!

I am a huge fan of the Padbot. Basically, they are personal presence devices that use the smart device you carry to be able to create the personal presence. You connect to your tablet that connects to the padbot. You can then move about the space you are in. You can talk to people and communicate via a remote video connection. This gives you the ability to be there, without being there. I cannot tell you how many meetings I’ve been in over the years where I wish here were more Padbot available. There is nothing worse than sitting in a meeting and getting sneezed on.

Want to print and share photographs? The Canon Selphy series is amazing. The software, set-up, battery and paper are easy to use, and easy to print. The overall cost of the paper is high. But when you consider the difference between digital and traditional cameras you can choose the pictures you want to print, and only print the good ones. So, the cost of images printed is much lower than the cost of developing and printing an entire roll of film used to be, by a considerable margin. The 900 and 1200 model of the Selphy are the printers I’ve used the most in the series. They are simple to set-up, connect to your home wireless and then print photos from any device (computer, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet and even windows phones!). Again, the paper is a little pricey but when you factor in being able to physically hand someone a picture, well the cost isn’t that bad!

I may post another cool tech holiday geek gift list later.


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