Earlier than expected, my 2nd geek Christmas list…

First off to those who served thank you. Because of you we can express our ideas freely. Now that said, there are ideas that still need to be expressed, but you cleared the way for us to be able to make those statements, to be able to strive for the ideals that make us all better. Thank you, for your service.

Image result for canaryYesterday I got an email about my geek Christmas list. The question was along the lines of what about gifts in the following areas. The reader then listed a number of areas where I had done reviews in the past but had not mentioned gifts in the space.

So, I am adding to my geek gift list of yesterday. Normally I try to deliver the recommendations for Geek Gifts before black Friday. But I had intended to post the last one a then wait a week or so for the second one. But here goes, 2nd iteration of Geek Gifts 2016.

The first area is that of home video security. There are any number of competitors in the space. I have tried several of them in various tests. Most of them are good but not great. The problem with video surveillance is both the reality of video (it tends to be big) the reality of light (1/2 the time the hosue is dark, so the camera has to be able to adjust to available light) and last but not least the system needs to learn. Why learn? You need to correct false positives. In particular dogs, they tend to be in motion and that plays havoc with a motion detection system. A learning system is critical for video surveillance. Otherwise you get a lot of notifications. You also need to be able to connect to the video camera remotely to see why it alarmed. Like I said I have looked at a lot of these systems. There are many but the one I rely on personally is the Canary. The devices that Canary has produced are sleek, their software is amazing and the company is constantly improving both the software and the overall quality of the video system. I highly recommend Canary for home video surveillance and remote log in and assurance.

Image result for meeper botsOne correction from yesterday. The Mederos system doesn’t exist. The product is called Meeper Bots but my auto correct caught me and I didn’t catch it. So, the company is Meeper. They have really cool Lego interactive motorized systems.

There are any number of printing solutions you can consider at home. I’ve had many different kinds of printers over the years. While I understand the value of a cheap low cost printer, I highly advice against that. One of the problems with cheap printers is expensive ink. But the world of specialty printers is intriguing. You can actually find printers that print in icing. But the one that I really enjoy is the Pankcakebot printer. It is now available on Amazon. The printer is really fun, allows you to convert photos into pancakes. A former Kickstarter project (I reviewed this when the campaign went live more than a year ago)!

The ever expanding 3d pen market presents many options. The system that I have personally and the one I use the most is the 3Doodler pen. Yes, a pen that doodles in all 3 dimensions. The new pro version of the pen prints in both wood (special type) and metal (also special type). As well as ABS and PLA (the two predominate forms of plastic in the 3d printing world). So why is this pen so cool? First off it is an amazingly Image result for 3 doodlersimple thing to use. Literally put a stick of whatever you want to print into the pen (you do have to have material that is pre-made for 3d printing). Then when the unit has gotten to the right temperature you can draw in plastic. They (3doolder) has a great book you can get with templates, stencils and other fun kits for kids and adults. I’ve seen some amazing 3d drawings that have been created by any number of artists.

Finally, but not the last of these posts I am sure, I wanted to loop back around to yesterday’s end post of the Microsoft Hololens. VR is amazing right now. Personally, the Hololens is a great tool, but if you are starting out in the world of VR, Oculus Rift is fantastic. I really love the way you can interact with an environment in the VR world. The immersive quality of the experience is amazing. Oculus, once you load the software starts you off in a virtual living room. I watched Hulu content the other day on my virtual reality big screen TV. Just an amazing experience.

There you go, v2 of the list with more geek gifts!


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