An open letter to President Elect Donald Trump

An open letter to President-Elect Donald Trump. First of all, Mr. Trump I did not vote for you. I do however welcome you to the most important job of your life, and I support you in that job. You won the election despite pundits and analysts saying you wouldn’t. I support you in this role.

I hope that you will be the president for all Americans. As a technologist, I am excited to have a president who has openly embraced the new reality of the technology age. I am however worried as someone who believes in the rights of all, that you may not hold that as dear.

It is my fervent hope that you will reach out to the rest of us, those who did not vote for you and find it in your heart to embrace all of us. To perhaps soften some of the campaign rhetoric and consider the long term needs of this country and its people.

As a parent, I would hope that you consider the reality of what some of us fear. I do not fear people Mr. Trump. I do not fear ideas. I do not fear difference. I do however fear assault weapons in the hands of people whose goal is not close to mine. I fear the thought of sending my children off to college only to have them killed by someone that probably shouldn’t have been allowed to purchase several guns and ammunition. Please sir, as my president consider the reality of gun control. Not removing the 2nd amendment right to bear arms. Hunting is as much a part of our nation as is religious freedom. Hunting deer, moose and squirrels that is. Weapons that are designed to hunt people should not be in the arsenals of private citizens. We would not allow a fully operational tank to be owned by a citizen, why a weapon that is capable of firing multiple bullets? Again, sir as my president I ask you to consider the impact of fear on your citizens. I fear for my children’s safety at the very school I send them to. Sir, there have been two bomb scares at our suburban high school in the past two years. There has been a gun scare as well. Please sir, consider this as you become president. I fear sending my children into the world because of the potential for gun violence.

If, in listening to this about weapons that shouldn’t be freely available, perhaps also you could listen to the rights of woman? That a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body should not be governed by the state? Lest we, like Romania or China, instead become overzealous in our pursuit of personal choices and personal rights.

I am excited that as a citizen you are a consumer of and a user of the many technological services that I consider part of our future. I have had the pleasure of visiting your golf resort in Florida, before you owned it and since your renovation and I am very impressed with the attention to detail and quality of the renovations at Doral. You took an historic golf course and you maintained the connection to history while bringing the entire facility up to modern standards. I applaud you for that. I am also excited to have a business person leading the government. You have shown great care and consideration for your employees.

Mr. Trump, I swore an oath many years ago as a first-year teacher in Indiana to defend and uphold the constitution of this country. Part of that is supporting the elective process. You are my president elect now. My call to you, my ask of my president is that you consider where I am as well as those who supported you. That you reach across the divide created by this election and consider the needs of all Americans.

I understand the reality of the world sir. I understand also that it is harder to listen then it is to speak. I hope that as my president you can listen. That you can hear not just those who loudly screamed for you but the majority of us. That you, with your ear to the ground and your eyes looking to our future, consider that no matter what sir, it is our future.

Welcome Mr. President. I hope you can become the president for all of us.