IoT and the impact of security…

I have friends all over the world. Every one of them that has reached out to me in the past 30 days is asking how I am doing with the election cycle.

So, it bothers me to make the global news cycle for political infighting. This election however scares people outside the US.

No more politics on my blog. Just pointing out that this election is scaring more than just those of us in the US.

I realized yesterday that since getting back into boating (after a 4-year hiatus) I have been sharing a lot of Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects for people on the water, near the water or who want to be in or on the water. My apologies for that. My passion is technology. My other passion is boating. So, getting to mix the two together, makes me well crazier than I normally am apparently.

Radar is so cool. Plotting a course on a GPS when there are no roads is even more cool. I love paper maps anyway, because of my father. He loved plat maps. I have the plat map of the area of Maryland around our house printed and posted in my office. I love mapping out walking trails to take. Dylan, my dog, loves that I plot fun trails as well. His job is to get me out and walking. He does a good job!

That got me thinking, about the concepts of technology and the impact on both where we are but also what we do. What is today, and what will be has changed. The Internet of things, or IoT has changed not only the reality of the landscape but of the path to the goal.

The reality of IoT is security. The impact of IoT is the reality of integration. The sad truth is, it will impact all of us. Adherence to simple security rules will help a bit. The reality of target nature will help some as well. Frankly most of us aren’t really targets for hackers. There is no value in attacking most people. There are people that are targets but for the most part they know who they are.

Integration and security will be the two things that slow IoT, not the deployments, but rather later when people sit back and realize what has been deployed. Some of us are just sitting back early and realizing we may have a problem.


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