Swing and a miss…

It has been an insane week in sports. I got to see baseball, football, hockey and basketball games in the same week. All the teams I love won this week. Insane. Weeks like that are special. One of the things I noticed was the number of sporting events I watched. I ended up watching quite a bit of sporting events.

Which in turn led to watching a number of commercials. For the most part during the world series game, I tend to be out and about on Saturday’s so for the most part I record college football and basketball games to watch them later. But I saw a lot of live commercials during the World Series. I am going to discount the political ads because I want to talk about the commercials aimed at world series viewers.

1. I do not currently own a truck. Nor, based on the commercials I saw during the World Series will I ever want to have or own a truck. Seriously. The commercials appeal to the audience, but they lose the rest of the audience (me and those like me). So, swing and a miss. Strike 1!

2. I struggle to look cool while holding a beer and talking to friends. I wish I could but I know I do not look cool. In fact, the commercials actually make me feel bad about how I look when I hold a beer. I wanted to drink a Bud, but that was because of Harry Carey. Not because it would or did make me look as cool as the commercials. Swing and miss. Strike 2.

3. The Audi commercials, really? They come across as we are the arrogant car. I watched the first one, and then went to the bathroom for all the rest of them. The first one made me realize I would never buy and Audi, just because of the commercials. Swing and oh my goodness he took a cut at that one but missed by a country mile. Strike 3, commercials you are OUTA HERE.

I know I am not the primary intended or even the periphery audience anymore. But frankly other than the political ads (and frankly all of those missed) where I am the audience as a likely voter. The rest of the ads were awful.

Funny. I love the ads in the Super Bowl. Traditionally one of the highest rated television events of the year. The World Series is usually much lower (except in 2004, when Boston drove to the series and ended their 86-year curse). 2016 was an odd year in that a heavy favorite media team, Da Cubs, were in the series along with a heavy fan favorite (Cleveland). You had cross sport and cross entertainment people engaged and rooting. Personally, I root for my favorite teams and usually a great player in the sport. I root for Cavaliers because of LeBron James. I think he is one of those transcendent athletes. I rooted for the Broncos because of Peyton Manning.

So, first off the ads were a miss. The games were amazing. Ones for the ages. If the Cubs don’t make it into the World Series next year I am rooting for Cleveland to win it all!

I am also rooting for better ads.

In the modern technological world, missing as much as the ads did during the series is as much a declaration of numbers as anything. As I said, per analytics I understand that I am not the audience. The primary audience per data analytics is much younger. Except 1, baseball has an older audience by nature, and frankly they missed wildly.

Data analytics should have steered the ship in a slight different direction. To an older audience interested more in the game than the commercial.

Like I said in the era of Money Ball (loved that movie) and the era of data analytics that tell us who is watching – missing by that much is not a shame on me. It is a shame on the advertisers. The Super Bowl always has amazing ads that miss my demographic but still appeal to me. It was sad that not only did the ads miss, they didn’t have appeal.

Hey Anheuser-Busch – running the old Harry Carey Bud man Cubs Fan ads during the world series would have been the best way to reach all audiences.


Cubs Fan