Sort of my why I do crowdfunding blog…

One of the things that I find critical is supporting innovators. For many years, innovators would have great ideas that they worked on at night or in their garage on the weekend. The dreams of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford came to pass, but Edison was cruel to Tesla. He belittled Tesla and tried to drive him out of business many times. Innovation is a paradigm shift, a change and one that not everyone supports all the time.

The rise of crowdfunding has radically changed innovation. To the point where now there is a new rising category in the crowdfunding world, The Superbackers. A horrible name, but no-the-less a critical role in the reality of crowdfunding.

Projects fail. It happens. Often when you reach for the stars you will end up getting burned. Stars after all are galactic furnaces burning the very things on which we stand as fuel. Not the wood that I have delivered every winter to burning my wood stove. The actual ground on which the tree grows. So, reaching for the stars can be risky.

There have been things that I have wished could come to pass. Projects that opened doors to places long considered, long seen but never truly grasped. That is the glory of innovation, selling a dream that other’s not only see, but suddenly wish was real alongside the innovator. I’ve gotten the emails from innovators, sad that their product failed again and again, throwing in the towel and saying no mas. Some of those times, my money went with the innovation, into the great beyond of space and time never to again be with me, or near me.

Does failure stop me from crowdfunding? Nope. It is par for the course when you are considering something that has never been before. When Columbus set sail all those many years ago, he did not promise success. In fact, while he found a new world, well new to Europe at the time, he did not find passage to India which was his goal. Crowdfunding can be the same concept. Except you have a much lower risk of Scurvy.

You are setting sail for the brave new world. Sometimes the route isn’t optimal. There are projects I have backed over the years that once I got the product, I didn’t use it. Interesting idea but poor execution. Or great execution but a poor product. I know many cloud vendors that fall into both of those categories with their products. Those products being professionally run and managed companies, Crowdfunding at times, literally someone’s kitchen table. A dream shared by three creators over a beer with dreams of success.

I have a great idea for how to make crowdfunding an enterprise activity. For one of the rarest occurrences I am not going to share it on my blog. I am still baking the concept and the execution and may actually make it into my crowdfunding campaign so, for now, it is revealed as an idea but no reality with it.

Some of the projects I have backed I actually keep the 1.0 product in its original box. Someday in the future I hope it will be worth money to have the original, the first. In the time when people won’t recall before. That is the wonder of humanity sometimes. We don’t recall the time before. I remember when, arguing with my father I wished I had as many sources as he did. He memorized huge numbers of information sources. Memorizing at the time was something I did, but I never caught up. Now you simply bring out your phone and get the sources, the answers and additional information. It is a brave new world, this world now.

Someday of course is a gamble. Someday only matters to those wondering. It never matters to those doing, except that they promised a bunch of people (now threatening by the way to Sue) that they would deliver the product Someday.

Crowdfunding is an opportunity to support dreamers. Sometimes we wake up the next day, and the dream was real. Like for instance the fact that the Cubs won the 2016 World Series. A 50 year dream for me since I first started watching baseball. It is real now, not a dream. But sometimes you wake up from a dream and realize things are as they were. No change.


proud SuperBacker