The long and winding road to an NGO City Broker…

There are four concepts that I have been throwing around now for more than two years. The concept of Connected Bits, Screen as a Service, Virtual Immersion and the concept of NGO City Brokers. Each of them actually ties into the other both technologically as well as implementationally. If the last one is a word. I don’t think it is but I like it, the actionable side of implementation.

I won’t wander the genesis of these ideas. Suffice it to say, based on the years of migrations and platform evaluations I’ve done they make logical sense. They are categories within how we perceive the Internet of Things (IoT) and the broader Cyber Physical Systems. From the reality of integration to the actual management of implementation the terms and concepts extend within and beyond each other. The concept of Connected Bits, is the reality of IoT. Small bits of information gathering and data formation spread around the enterprise, home or street.

Personally, I think the concept of immersive virtual reality (I call it Cyber Immersion) is one that will explode. The natural tracking system known as the human brain is a great tool for intelligent data sorting (visual). Humans can quickly identify things that aren’t supposed to be there. I would have loved a Virtual Immersion feed of last night’s game 7. I have had the opportunity to sit in the seats of the Jake and it is a marvelous baseball field. Virtual immersion as a broadcast last night would have finished off the best night of the year so far.

But the one that makes me most intrigued is the potential of the NGO City Broker. From cost savings for small business and startups to being able to offer broad services to both citizens, businesses and improve security within the city broker influence.

NGO, or non-government organization is the key. It has to be a non-profit organization. Hopefully if you build it right, it will be a 90-10 type organization. Where a huge chunk of the overall revenue would be returned to City Government. Imagine, the city being able to reduce your taxes by offering services that were of value to you.

With the DYN DNS DDOS attack (have you ever seen that many D’s in anything?) we now know that we need to improve overall security. The simple stuff (I talked about that in my blog of a few days ago) is a starting point. With the NGO City Broker model, they can also create a more secure stance for many home users and small businesses. If you don’t have the City Box on your network, you don’t get to attach to anything other than web pages. The remainder of city services would be, to use the correct networking term, quarantined. This would allow cities, businesses and service providers to increase the overall security stance.

It isn’t a cure for security risks it is simply a stronger posture. Hackers will find holes in security, every time you issue anything to a person, you increase your security risk. Humans are always the biggest risk in any security endeavor.

The four concepts all come together nicely. The future offered in a nice City Marketplace that offers services, supplies, compute and ultimately additional security!