I come not to bury Caesar but to Parise him!

IDC released their new study on the Tech Trends for 2017. In this case I actually do come to praise Caesar. Not, to stand in front of you and eulogize Caesar, but to say in this case I think IDC got a lot right. Well, that’s arrogant, I think IDC got a lot right.

The trends they project are interesting and similar to the ones I have projected. In fact, if I look back over the last two years of my blog I have covered a number of these areas that are projected to be the areas of technology change over the next year to twenty-four months.

Screen as a Service, I am still a huge advocate for the concept of the screen as a service. PopSlate and Pebble/iWatch present the option of creating the screen notification as a service as well as the easy of connecting to other screens (Chromecast, Microsoft et al). making the screen more of a service and less of a stand and connect.

The concept I brought up more than three years ago, the concept of bite sized software. If you think about how you use software on your cellular phone it is very different than how we used software on the PC ten years ago. The software provides a service. This morning as I was getting ready to write my blog I started my day the way I always do. A cup of coffee and my connected blood pressure cuff. It is part of my routine now. Hardware with bite sized software allows the creator to manipulate the software and leave the hardware alone.

I talked about security the past couple of days on my blog. I won’t bore you with the conversation in depth but to quickly recap security is more about you. I embedded the links to my two security blogs. It is about doing the simple things to keep yourself more secure.

But IoT is the growth area that intrigues me. First because it is a huge market. Beyond number comparison to any technology market ever. Bigger than cloud, bigger than the biggest big data systems in fact so big it is bigger than the market is today. IoT, or the connected universe, is huge. IoT today has three ditto only how but what we do every day.

· Market 1: My smart city

· Market 2: My smart home

· Market 3: My smart workplace

Each of those markets then has submarkets. Transactive Energy is a toolset that will span all three markets but will be driven by a number of factors for each market that are different. Home users won’t necessarily go Solar to reduce grid issues. They will however go solar for CO2 reduction and reduced heating and cooling costs. Cities will hopefully embrace my NGO City Broker model and use Transactive Energy to reduce the cost of power and increase city revenue without modifying the existing tax codes.

But from IoT perspective the three markets are pretty crisp now. The submarkets are becoming more and more defined. Connected cars, connected homes and connected devices all fitting into the #Smarthome module. Smart buildings, the NGO City Broker© and its components, smart traffic and all the information gathered about the city fitting nicely into the #mysmartcity. Finally, the reality of the workplace embracing IoT services. Screens that allow you to walk into your office and connect with them easily. Or, the concept of security that allows something about you, something about your home and something about your office space to be combined into a much harder to crack security stance. All of this creating the new category #mysmartworkplace.

The time of change is upon us. The potential for the markets are beyond amazing. Most importantly he technology is here, now. We can build this without tripping. The dream that is the NGO City Broker is here, now. There are five companies that I have used and played with their solutions that could quickly build the NGO City Broker.

So, thanks Cesar. You did a great job!

Alth9ough, looking at this image of a smart home I find it has a major flaw. Why would you build a home with an entire wall missing? It would be really hard to heat and cool the whole world. You would need something the size of say, the SUN.

(the comment about the image is a joke)


Smart dreamer