4th (and final) in my alternative energy series…

Image result for Home solarThis, is my 4th and last post in my alternative energy series. Why is it the last? Well frankly I am interested in a lot of things, this is just one. I may come back to this series later, I have in the past also posted about the concepts, ideas and dreams that make up Transactive energy.

First off, the goal is the creation of Microgrid, maybe not at the hosue level, but certainly within a neighborhood. Sharing the power generated by the sun will greatly reduce the reliance on fossil fuel power plants. This in turn over time (the more global solar the more impact) impact the production of greenhouse gases. In particular, the HOCO compound briefly produced in the production of carbon fuels and ultimately the cause of climate change.

(Not by the way a naturally produced chemical reaction in the quantifies needed to create the problem that is climate change today).

First post solar savings

Second post the solar decision (or wind decision)

Third post adding a backup or whole home power storage and provision system

Your solar or wind implementation depending upon your situation, helps reduce your carbon impact. We’ve removed 9.7 tons of carbon from the world by having our solar array for the past 14 months. Being green actually feels good.

Image result for home wind turbineThat said there is still the reality of night time and no wind situations as I discussed yesterday. Embarking on a reduced reliance household involves more steps that a wind turbine or a solar array as I talked about yesterday and the day before. The links above go to the three previous articles in this series. The intent of the series is to talk about what we’ve saved, how we decided and finally our generator, the last piece of our Microgrid.

What is a Microgrid you ask? That is any group of buildings, houses, or single house that can and does maintain its own infrastructure for producing the power consumed in that location. As we move forward into the brave new world of Transactive Energy we will see an equalization of the power produced and the power consumed. Where the power company takes the power, you produce in your home Microgrid and shares it with another customer’s local to you. You get credited for the amount of power you produce that you share.

So, to end my series Why Alternative Energy? Why a Microgrid and why consider a form of whole home battery, generator or other system? Why? Well the answer is complex and easy. The easy answer is you can save money. Currently by having a leased solar system on my roof, I am saving 70 to 120 dollars per month (depends on season). Roughly over the course of a year around 780 dollars that I am not sending to a power company. That is the first reason, selfishly I save money.

The second reason has to do with hurricanes. We get the remnants of hurricanes in the DC area, since moving here a little over 5 years ago, we’ve had 8 times where our power was out for more than 8 hours. The system, based on the number of people around us, takes time to repair. The last two times our generator kicked on once, our solar array kept us going without needing the generator. Meanwhile we continued going on. Nothing was impacted by no power, because like the wild and crazy people we are, we had power!

Image result for climate changeFinally, there is the growing issue of climate change. The more we reduce now before it is too late, the better off our world will be. Personally, I think there should be a law that EVERY NEW large building should have a solar array on it. Period. No question. No argument. No permit if you don’t plan on having a solar array. Why not offset large buildings as much as we can. Then, pass the house bill that died last year so that hoaxes cannot limit solar or wind turbines, period. Leased, purchased or paying for all solar arrays should get a tax break. Why? The home owner is taking the long-term view towards our planet, they deserve a break.

The three reasons have science, numbers and reality to back them up. You don’t add to the consumption woes of the power company on really hot days. In fact, on really hot sunny days you will produce more energy than you consume.

Thinking solar, thinking wind, think Microgrid and then breathe. Because you are helping reduce the risk of future generations looking longingly out the window because it isn’t safe to go outdoors.


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