Wondering how we get from the Technology age to the information age. The path seems unclear…

I wonder sometimes about what people are thinking. Like everyone around me I wonder what people think about me, but wonder what they are thinking in general. I won’t go on a long Washington DC driver’s tirade; I’ve done that before. But if someone leaves enough space between them and the car in front of them to be safe, why would you cut the second person off? If you cut the first person off I have time to stop. That, by the way is why I left that amount of space between me and the car in front of me.

So, this weekend I was thinking. First off I root for the Chicago Bears in the NFL. They are my favorite team all time and my all-time favorite player (Walter Payton) played for the Bears. My second favorite player is Peyton Manning, so for years I also rooted for the team Peyton played for. I don’t really have a favorite player this year. So, I am struggling to find a second team to root for. I used to follow my father’s rule (root for the local team) but I can’t do that now. I don’t like either of the teams locally. It is a process I guess; I will find a new favorite player.

I am really excited for next spring. The two-different underwater ROV’s I am waiting for should be in my hands. Underwater ROV’s are different than flying drones. Due to the nature and distortion of signals caused by water you need to have a cable between you and the ROV. That said there are a number of systems that you can use and consider. Sonar works underwater very well and the Deeper products offer interesting options. Literally a sonar bulb that attaches to the end of a fishing line and lets you see what is underwater, on your phone.

That is one that that boats are still short on today. Integration options for cellular devices. Can you image if a boat with 20 speakers or more let you connect to it, like a car does. You could then use your phone when close to shore to play Internet radio right on the boat. Add to that the ability to play audible and other information sources and your boat could become a giant conference room!

Technology integration is a continuing interest of mine. What and how do we integrate. There are ultimately two things here that interest me. The first is the reality of what people think is important. I watch the “tending technologies” lists and sometimes I was blown away. Things that I hadn’t thought of sometimes pop up on those lists. Other times I look at the list and try to figure out what people are thinking.

The reality of sound is one that always makes me wonder. Bluetooth speakers are interesting, first off because of the reality of cell phones. Speakers on cell phones are small and often less than good. Some are better than others but let’s be realistic in our expectations. Like the camera of the cell phone you are limited in what you can do by space, materials and size. So, the external aftermarket of speakers grows.

Connection reality – its why I started talking about the concept of the Screen as a Service (SCRaaS) more than two years ago. The concept being that screens can simply be a service that you connect to and use. Speakers are the same. In fact, the concept of as a Service really benefits the user of mobile devices.

But beyond mobile is the even larger potential of wearable. Today’s hand help mobile devices will give way to more flexible wearable components.

So, I wonder. As I wander around my neighborhood and the aisles of the grocery store, as I sit in a restaurant and watch people go by. I wonder. The grand age of technology has changed the world. What happens when we are able to integrate information, technology and people into a unified system?

We will have reached the information age! That is the most intriguing reality right now for me, the analysts and pundits screaming that we are in the information age. As I said in my book about inter-generational knowledge transfer, we aren’t there yet. People share information when they want to, but finding information is harder than it will be. When we get to the place where people share not because they want to but because it is the minimum and that information is easy to find we will have reached the information age. You see if information is the commodity, you have to not have an expert culture. Today we remain in an expert culture. When that is gone, we move out of the technology age.


Drone man, drone fan!