My Cool New Tech Blog

Time for my long awaited cool and upcoming technology blog. I’ve been promising to write this blog for about three weeks now. So here we go, all tech on this blog is either released as a beta or is in development and available on either Indiegogo or Kickstarter.

Quick review of my rules. I have to either be using the device or funding it on either Kickstarter or Indiegogo. I am adding a new category called devices I have that I love. That is the first device featured today and this new category will appear from time to time in my cool new tech blog series. The other projects are one’s I am current backing and that I find to be amazing!


clip_image002First off, Hololens from Microsoft. First of all, Cortana is truly alive using the Hololens. Easy to interact with and able to perform so many functions it is amazing. The Hololens is available for developers now although soon should be generally available. Just using the Hololens during conference calls has changed both how I use computers, but also how I answer questions. Doctors, Lawyers and anyone that spends alto of time researching, will want a Hololens. Mechanics and anyone that fixes different types of machines will want a Hololens. It is tool that takes what the Google Glass promise was and adds functionality that the Google Glass never even had potential to add. This is an amazing product!


clip_image004VYU360 VR camera, I have backed a number of 360 degree cameras over the past four years. Some of them are amazing and I use them all the time. This is the newest camera I’ve seen in the space that also adds in the capability to stream and create VR spaces. What it has that the other camera’s I’ve backed in this space that is unique is it INCLUDES an underwater case. Simply one of the coolest new ideas


clip_image006The next project up to bat today on Kickstarter is Modi, the Internet of Robotics. The concept is simple (what can you build) and when you consider the options and tools they have included, this is a fantastic kit for kids, adults and those who seek to create the next big thing! IoT device recreation is a wonderful connection point for parents and kids, but it is also something that gives you a chance to figure out how things can be done, better. This is a fantastic starting kit!



clip_image008I have only one Indiegogo project today. I could have many more but this is the one project that I am intrigued by. Taking an interesting look at the concept of personal locomotion. As a longtime swimmer my personal best for a mile swim was 50 minutes. Or just over 1 mile an hour. At the end of that I was exhausted and went to sleep. This project is one of those amazing products that allows you to not only swim faster, but allows you to do so above and below the water. Bixpy. They call it a portable water jet. But if you look at other products in the space they are way more expensive, and have one function. Bixpy has two devices you can get. A propulsion system for your kayak, canoe, or Paddle board. Or a personal move me quickly underwater jet for a swimmer. I cannot wait for this to ship!


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