More positive than negative is my new review rule…

PIC_0265The new Sony PlayStation VR is out, I am going to evaluate that against the Oculus and the Hololens. It really isn’t a fair comparison with the Hololens it is more of a compute/screen as a service and the screen anywhere you want it device.

Oh to live in interesting times. A long time reader asked if I was going to do a new cool crowd funding projects to back blog, I will in the next couple of weeks. I am taking a break today from discussing or talking about the NGO City Broker. Sometimes a topic plays itself out. That hasn’t yet, but I need a break for at least one day every once in a while.

I’ve been cleaning out my office of old tech for the past couple of months. Some of the tech you have to just sniff and donate. It isn’t worth as much to sell as the hassle. The rest you post on eBay or other auction sites and hope it sells quickly. I used to take great pride in selling things on eBay but their customer service, fees and overall quality of service has slipped so far, I threaten to close my account at least once a quarter now.

PIC_0283There are large companies that care deeply about customer service. There are large companies that just lose that concern and become warehouses. Best Buy, eBay and others are like that. Just not caring anymore. I find it to be sad, as a loyal customer of both, I struggle to understand what and where I fit in their new world. I am a source of money, but I am not longer a customer. I use eBay because frankly there aren’t a lot of competitors that are effective. Craig’s List for technology items is less than hit or miss. eBay is the only place that moves items quickly. That makes me sad. Best Buy was the place I actually planned visits to once. I used to love to just wander the store. I can honestly say I will never go in a Best Buy store, ever again.

My rule lately has changed about negative reviews. If I post a negative review, I want to post at least two positive reviews. I am trying to tip the scale more towards let’s look for good and away from the ever growing crush of bad news. So my yelp account is balanced with many more positive reviews than negative reviews. That is intentional and will continue that way. So I mentioned two negative situations (Best Buy and eBay) let’s find some positive places.

PIC_0322First of all, we’ve been wandering around Annapolis MD this past summer. There are so many wonderful restaurants in Annapolis. It was fun on Saturday to drive through downtown Annapolis, and see the Cadets of the Naval Academy walking around in their dress uniforms. Very cool experience. Three really great restaurants that I’ve reviews (see link above) and well, love. The Federal House, with outdoor seating and a specialized canine menu this is Raven’s new haunt. Chick and Ruth’s deli, what a wonderful experience. Plus, you get to see the Man vs. Food pictures and the challenge! Finally on the other side of Annapolis in East Port is the Boatyard Grill. All three are amazing restaurants and really do a great job of service, food and atmosphere. The Boatyard Grill and the Federal House also have a place where you and your dog can eat!

The last positive one for today is HCR – Homefix customer remodeling. Over the course of the past 4 months they have come into our home twice for two different projects. In both cases exceptional work was done. Best of all, if you weren’t there when they were there, you couldn’t tell they had been in our hosue at all. They cleaned up and didn’t leave us with anything to worry about.

Four positives to offset the two negatives.


Positive reviews even if I have to wait weeks for the negative ones…