Microsoft’s Hololens–the dawn of the information age is so near…

Please sir, may I have another. I can’t help it. Somewhere in my brain one liners become disconnected. They don’t go away; I just lose the ability to memorize more than the one liner. Some of them are epic, like the line from Oliver, above. Some of them are stupid. I cannot, remember the song the line comes from but the line Ocean Liner to a Chinese Junk, there isn’t never been a ship that can’t be sunk has stuck with me for 30 years.

The same is true for data from devices. Some is critical, some is not. The other day I was sitting in my office while on a conference call. We were discussing a number of things that required access to specific information. I don’t memorize information I can quickly access, so I put my Hololens on and had four different Edge browser windows open, with the information I would need available. In pairing the keyboard to the Hololens I suddenly had access to a lot more information, without having to disrupt the call by suddenly asking Cortana a question.

OK so yes when I turn on the video camera and I am wearing the Hololens I’ve been called RoboScott. I get it, I sort of look like one of the Borg collective. So I don’t turn on the video anymore. I just wear my Hololens and look stuff up quickly while on calls.

I’ve mentioned the Hololens and a number of markets where I think Hololens will explode. Unlike Oculus Rift that is more a windows into a virtual world that allows the user to interact with that world, Hololens is the mix of here and now with reality, more of an augmented reality headset. Doctors, particularly those that focus on X-rays and other imaging will be early adopters of the technology. Simply put you can tag every exam room with a specific location. When the doctor enters the room, dons the Hololens and says “just one minute while I review the notes from your last visit” they can look to the left and see the patient history. They can look to the right and see any current x-rays or blood work. It will make a huge difference in levels of patient care for many medical professionals.

In fact, there are many other professions that will benefit from the technology. We can argue the final disposition of the hardware, based on the smart watch technologies, you could create an integration between the virtual, augmented and physical world that published quick information on the smart watch. You then tag locations with information sources and align that with the person entering and then figure out what screen it would be pushed to. The Hololens is the first step in that journey, and I have to say a very impressive step.

Building Architects will be able to enter a designed building, don their Hololens and see the variances from the implementation and the blueprint. Laying the blueprint over a physical space in actual space will help them interact with engineers. Landscape professionals can show their clients their current lawn and lay the VR version of it over the actual lawn using Hololens. The list goes on and on. Anyone that builds something new, can see the new laid over the old. 3d printing and designers will benefit greatly from the AR of Hololens. As applications begin to take advantage of the infinite space allowed by the device you will have greater design power.

But information workers will benefit the most. They will be able to have 20, 30 or even 40 screens open with information at their eyeballs. Knowledge Workers will have more and more information they can quickly grab and utilize in their jobs.

I suspect, many years from now, people will look back and say the wide spread adoption of AR devices was the beginning of the information age. They may point and laugh at all the sign posts that had the information age starting 2 years ago, 5 years ago, yesterday. The advantage of hind sight is that it is always 20/20. But the AR devices like Hololens, and the VR devices like the Oculus Rift, are opening the doors to a better world. Oh yeah, and launching the great Ocean liner “The Information Age” from its long in preparation dry dock final accepting new passengers and launching the journey that will be the Information Age!