The concept of smart watches is evolving. Semi review Apple iWatch Series 2, plus a discussion of security…

First off, I was one of the original backers of the Pebble Smart Watch. I wore a Pebble from the day they shipped the very first crowd funded devices (in 2012 or so) until two weeks ago. This is not my giving up on the Pebble, two family members are still wearing them. This is my succumbing to the dark side because of the cookies.

Automation, information and analysis are the three key components of why we have IoT solutions expanding rapidly. Human beings are not truly as effective with repetitive tasks as they are with coming up with ways to well automate the repetitive tasks. Human planting evolved from digging by hand, to using a plow, to having a horse or donkey pull the plow to tractors. Automation is a component of what we do.

So why launch into a discussion of automation when talking about a watch? The concept is simple frankly. I called it in 2012, Screen as a Service. I modified it to be SCRaaS so that it fit the as a service model. I’ve seen and added a number of devices to the overall concept. Nexdock, an external screen for your cellular phone allows you to operate your cell phone like a laptop. PopSlate allows you have an external battery and second screen for your cellular device. And the Pebble Smart Watch, allows you to modify and interact with your cellular device by checking your wrist. Except that there is more, so much more.

The Series 2 iWatch changes the game. Look I stayed away from the Apple Watch at first. It was expensive and the Pebble could do everything it could do. Except that it is apple and they control the environment. So the reality that was the iWatch Series 2 was a huge step forward.

· I can use my watch as a phone. (ok the watch as a speaker phone) Literally answer, talk to people and connect with just the watch. It means I am free to leave my phone anywhere in my hosue, or anywhere at work and I can still directly interact with the phone. The dream started when I first saw Dick Tracey’s watch phone has arrived!

· I can also dictate and respond to text messages DIRECTLY on the watch

· It has an integrated GPS

· I can connect to my home automation system from my watch. Scenes, lights, media sources are now all available on my watch.

The what and why of my technology journey is complex. I have over the years felt that the circular slide rule I got when I was 13 was part of the path. That may be as much a testament to my father as anything else. But if the dream started there, Dick Tracey was a contributor to what was possible.

In my concept SCRaaS, the reality is that you can effectively from any device consume the screen that is available. But the other side of that is that any screen becomes an interactive platform. You can manage the notifications on any screen. You can use the screen as a tool to consume information and respond quickly.

This new found capability does however require a level of security. The first thing to turn off on the new iWatch is the “let your iPhone unlock your watch.” Why? If someone hacks your phone they then have your watch as well. Why would you care? I mean if your phone is hacked its bad. Why would someone getting your watch as well be worse? Because the watch can turn on the video camera and audio of your phone remotely. You just expanded the range a hacker has to attack. So a different pass code for the watch and the phone. Change your passcodes reasonably often. I am struggling to do so every 90 days but that’s probably what you should do.

SCRaaS is here. There are shipping devices now that make your personal device into a powerhouse. Something that you can carry, and leave your laptop at home.


Futurist, and SCRaaS fan…