Just another Shameless review : iPhone 7 plus

It is funny, I was back in the day, an Apple fan boy. I went away from Apple products for many years. But was pulled back in by the iPhone. Recently I upgraded my iPhone to the new 7 plus. I know there are many people that hate the lack of a 3.5 mm audio plug. I don’t really care at this point. I don’t use headphones other than the noise cancelling headphones when I am flying, so the impact of no audio jack is little to none on my use.

What I am most impressed and most intrigued with is both the new Series 2 iWatch and the fit and finish of the iPhone 7. First off, back when the first integrated Kindle came out (Amazon owns Audible) that played Audible books and stored Kindle eBooks, I could fit all my eBooks and my audible books on a single device. I took my Kindle with me and used it as the audible book player in the car. Sometimes, when you are stuck in Washington DC traffic it is nice to listen to someone reading a book to you. I cannot however keep all my audible and kindle books on my Kindle anymore. 30 gig of audible exceeds the capacity of my device to handle everything. So I am pulling down all the audible files onto the new iPhone 7.

1. First cool feature – 256 gig of ram. Amazing storage.

I don’t like the new home button. It is far too sensitive and my fingers are too large so it has been an initial learning curve for me. That is going to take some getting used to!

Let’s talk about the upgrade experience. Windows 10 is the first really easy Windows upgrade. It does however require you to have all your drivers up to date and current. With the iOS 10 upgrade Apple changed the upgrade game again. My wife has an older iPhone 5s. Well she did. It is on iOS 9 and she wanted to upgrade to my old iPhone 6s plus since I was getting the new 7. I had already upgraded the 6s plus to iOS 10. So I started off by backing up both the 5s and the 6s plus. Then I upgraded to the new iPhone 7 plus and in a matter of 30 minutes or so, had my applications, folders and the vast majority of settings on my new phone. I had however a compatibility issue between my wife’s old phone and her new phone. At least I thought I did. I was in a hurry and did the move from her iOS 9 phone to her new iOS 10 phone without upgrading the OS on the 5s first. It worked perfectly. I was shocked that you could easily move between OS’s and phones. Awesome job Apple!

2. When upgrades are easy it makes customer’s happy. THE UPGRADE was nearly painless (we did have to input a few settings that didn’t carry over. But, given that the settings that didn’t move were passwords, I am actually happy that I had to reenter the passwords).

The screen is brighter, as expected, frankly every single iPhone since the first one I had (the 4) when returning to Apple Fan Boy status, has improved the screen. So I won’t give kudos for a better screen. Camera remains a continued improvement. But again expected so no Kudo. Water resistant makes the devices a little more resilient but would have preferred water proof. So no value there.

Faster process and graphics co-processing is good. Functional integration with the Apple iCloud remains a core component of the OS.

iOS 10 is a good improvement, although with every new release there are always little annoying issues. Again the home button change is my only annoyance at this point, but it has been a tougher than expected learning curve. Size wise the 7 plus is roughly the same size as the 6s plus. A little different (narrower).

I have tried most of the day to day applications I use and they function as expected. I am slowly but surely trying all the external connection devices I have (that used the 3.5 audio jack not lightening) and wandering around looking for a battery pack for the device. So far, being as it is new, the battery packs are not yet released. The lightening to audio jack is released, but as always I am looking for different. I think personally a battery case with a 4000 mAh battery, two lightening jacks and an on the top 3.5 audio jack (if you think about phone positioning, charging on one end and audio out on the other makes more logical sense). I suspect that is a great product idea, if you build it, send me a link and I will help you get a customer base!


Apple Fan Boy, again.