Cool Tech co-processing connected devices…(that are shipping now!)

On Tuesday I laid out my long time mentor’s ask, talk about shipping cool tech for a change. Yesterday I defined the second category of cool tech I wanted to talk about, co-processing connected tech. Connected cool tech uses your computer, or your mobile device and provides data, but consumes the memory and the processor of the computer/mobile device. The other category I mentioned was the co-processing connected device. They are distinct and different in that one (connected)only functions when the mobile/computer is on and the device is connected. Co-processing devices are ones that have functionality without the computer/mobile device but interoperate for even more functionality with the computer/mobile device connected.

I missed an entire category of those in my initial explanation so I will try and capture the category as best I can today. My rules are I have to use the device personally. While I understand the category is bigger than what I use, that’s the rule I am living within.

Smart Watches

Pebble: I backed the devices when they were first on Kickstarter. I still have the Kickstarter edition 1 of the Pebble. It got damaged in a fall (my fall not the devices) but I still have it. I love the capabilities of smart watches. I believe the open a door too greater and more capabilities. We own two Pebbles now (my wife and daughter are Pebblers).

iWatch: Recently I changed my smart watch. Mostly because well it was something I had thought about for a long time. The Pebble has great functionality but Series 2 of the iWatch has even more. The functionality added by the iWatch is beyond words but I will try. First off you can answer and interact with calls on the watch. Yes, Dick Tracey style. But the one that well pulled me to the dark side was the integration with applications. The little icon in the iTunes store that says “features iWatch application” was interesting. The most interesting addition to my life was the ability to, with my smart watch now control my smart home. You had me at hello, iWatch. Oh yeah and add the Mickey Mouse watch face, touch the face and Mickey will tell you what time it is.


I won’t go into the two that are shipping later this year. I will only detail the units that are shipping right now per my mentor’s request.

Phantom DJ drone: I have the series 3 that includes 4k video and about 14 minutes or so of flight time per battery. The 4 is shipping now and has a little longer battery life. I have owned the DJ 2 and the Dj3 and have gotten wonderful pictures and video from the devices. I’ve included a link to one of the videos shot. The quality is excellent. There is some shakiness of the video but that is from hawks (yes actual birds) dive bombing my drone.

Brookstone rover: great land drone. You can quickly setup it up and run the device anywhere. I also use the Sphero products from Brookstone. All of them have fun interactive software. The rover is cool because you can use it as a remote Microphone and Speaker. It also takes video and has a night vision camera!

Smart Sensors

So there are connected smart sensors that function to automate and secure your home. I won’t list any of the smart home sensors I am actually using in my house because well that would just be asking for an issue. Instead let’s focus on other smart sensors.

NetATMO – so I am a weather geek and it is only fitting that I have a connected weather station. I can tell what the rain, wind and temperature is at my house. Why does that matter? If you live in or near a big city the variance between the city temperature and where you are can be massive. As much as 8 degrees on a really hot or really cold day. Rainfall varies as well so it is always good to know.

More connected and connected co-processing devices that are available now, to come!


Wearables make you cool!