I was asked if I ever actually talked about cool, shipping tech. So yes, I do!

So a long time mentor said “do you ever review tech that is SHIPPING RIGHT NOW?” She did, in fact, kind of raise her voice at the end so I did so as well when documenting the conversation. I do tend to spend a lot of time exploring the cool tech of tomorrow, in particular the reality of Crowdfunding (Kickstarter and Indiegogo are my primary). So I do tend to live in the tomorrow adjacent technology cool tech area.

For my mentor, hopefully this is what you were looking for. Today Tech, cool things you can order today and get reasonably soon. If you pay for overnight, you can have it tomorrow. But then, if you order it from Amazon and have prime you get it the day after tomorrow for free, why pay extra?

I am going to break shipping tech into things to use with your phone/tablet and things that are stand alone. Today I am going to focus on things you can add to your phone or tablet. These devices do not operate without the phone/tablet. So the rules are software driven, connected to the phone/tablet and only works with the phone/tablet.

Shipping connected phone/tablet tech:

· Vaavud (wind direction and speed connected to your device.

· Structure (3d scanner you can attach to your device)

· Spike (from Ike, a laser measuring system connected to your phone/tablet)

· Bubl (360-degree camera with really nice phone/tablet software)

· Scanners (there are so many what do you need your scanner to do? From converting printed materials to machine readable via OCR or using OCR to convert languages into the one you speak the scanners you can get are amazing. The one I like the most right now Dacuda).

This is the tip of the potential iceberg. There are many more things you can use with your device that offer intriguing capabilities. From added storage to connecting more and more of the world around you to the world you are currently in.

Beyond this there is the world of co-processing where you have some level of independence on the device itself, I.e. it can operate without the phone or tablet, but connects to the phone or tablet to share information or to use the more power processing of the phone. Did you ever think you would say you use your cellular phone as a central processing system?

But for today we stay in the world of dependent add-ons. The other side of these would be transitive technologies, taking something from the phone and sharing it. The world of Bluetooth headsets providing considerable functionality. These would include earpieces so you can communicate/talk via phone or listen to meetings etc. The new and growing area here would be that of sound cancelling headsets and personal theater headsets. In that arena I really like the Glyph product. It represents a great mix of visual and audio, utilizing the video out and audio out of your device via HDMI. Since it covers your eyes you aren’t likely to walk with it.

Beyond that connection there is the ever expanding world of connected storage. Either via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth or directly connected to your tablet/phone. You can double or more the amount of data you have available off-line. In this space I have a number of the devices. I have to say that none of them really preforms at a level that is game changing now. External storage drains your battery very quickly. So when I see some of the new battery cases that offer more of a base station approach for your phone then these may be more useful. No direct product mentions in this one, sorry. There are many shipping all of them operating on the same principle.

Shipping tech, connected devices published! I will do a column soon on co-processing devices but for now this one is in the books!


Future Tech blogger, except not today, today is shipping tech day!!!!

\(PS all are shipping currently, but all are former Crowd Funding projects that I backed!)