X-Rays when they are clear are fantastic!

HoloMeYesterday morning, my poor dog couldn’t use his left leg. He is a lab, and we had a lab for years who basically popped her ACL. I was scared that my walking buddy was well, not going to be able to walk anymore or not walk as far. What does this have to do with a technical blog? Well the vet called and said it was just a pulled muscle and my pal was going to be ok. The really cool thing was, when I went to pick him up the Vet showed me his X-Rays. Back in the day, you saw X-Rays on film. She actually showed me (zoomed in and highlighted) his two knee’s and his hips on the computer screen in the exam room. Besides the sense of relief (he needs to rest for a few days) I felt, it was really cool.

Veterinarian’s and Doctors are going to embrace the concepts of VR fairly quickly. Hololens with the ability to open a document, lock it to a location and come back to it, time and time again will allow time over time X-Ray comparison (here is your knee before surgery, here it is after). The ability of Doctors to clearly see and compare the aspects using AR will be extremely useful.

By the way, I didn’t notice the cool tech until long after I was sure my buddy was ok.

The one profession that will benefit most from AR/VR is education. They sadly will be the last to get the new tech (it won’t be new by the time it makes it to many schools). Hopefully, someday, we have a congress that pays attention to the reality of tomorrow (we need to spend more money more effectively in education).

IMG_0386Crime Scene Investigation where the first crew in takes video using a VR 3d camera so the detective can revisit the scene as many times as needed looking for the clue will allow more interaction. More eyes can see the scene and determine if something was missed. Not a look over your shoulder you screwed up, but hey let me see I have a different viewpoint.

Thank you to all the readers that commented on my pictures shared recently. One of the Glyph personal theater and the other of Hololens, both with me wearing them. I truly appreciate the time it took you to come up with all the wonderful descriptions. A couple of them made me laugh (RoboScott in particular made me laugh). I won’t share them because they were E-mailed not commented, except for RoboScott because well that one made me laugh.

Finally wrapping up the week that was. I did manage to finally get a new Fred and Ed story on my podcast (http://docandersen.podbean.com ). It takes me longer to produce them now, than it did 30 years ago when I was telling them everyday, or 15 years ago when I was living them everyday. Now it is sorting through memories for the right ones.



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