Update to my Cloud Operations Book.

The first version of my journey to the cloud book is now up on the Amazon Kindle store. I am going to iterate the book with cleaned up, improved and new versions of the tools. But I wanted to get a version up so people had a frame of reference for cloud migrations. Embedded in the book is the cloud picker that I built (with a lot of help) over the course of a three-year period. The scoring method for the picker is included. I won’t publish the scoring I’ve created for various clouds. The reason is that my scoring while a mix of scientific, is also like anyone else’s – a little subjective as well.

The next version of that book (upgrades on Kindle are free) will include my initial IoT/CPS components for cloud selection. As we head down the path towards the brave new world, it is important to make sure we see all the obstacles in our way.

Internet of Things or Cyber Physical Systems

· Offers an IoT protocol gateway


· Offerings an IoT device connection gateway


· Offers IoT management within its solution management offerings


· Offers aggraded IoT services (IoT broker)


· Offers managed IoT devices (IE, deployed on-site/remote but owned/managed by cloud service provider)


· Offers IoT PaaS


· Offers IoT SaaS solutions


This is the initial list of what to look for in the Cloud Picker related to IoT. The rating scale for this will be embedded in the new version of the book. I won’t share that here. There is a lot more in the book and I will be updating it next weekend.

Once you buy the book, the tools are free to use for one person. If you want to use them across an enterprise I ask that you email me and we will discuss how that might look/work. Scott@creativetechnologyandinnovation.com is the email address to use for broader than one person uses of the tools. You can also send me your evaluations of cloud service providers. I will figure out a way to bring the information together across all the inputs and share those on the https://Creativetechnologyandinnovation.com web site.

I will also be adding a performance testing process to the book over the next few weeks. I find most organizations structure cloud performance testing in the way the CSP’s want you to test their clouds. That gives you false readings in that people may not use your cloud installation the way the cloud service provider designed.

The easy example is you are bringing up a competitive system to Netflix. You need to model your performance goals against the expected competition not what the Cusp tells you. In this case it would be Friday night when people often watch movies. What is my expected media performance on a Friday night, not Tuesday at 9 am eastern time?

Within the new version of the book there are improvements in several of the tools. I continue to refine the tools and will continue to post at the least quarterly updates for the book. I do understand that I am sort of violating my inter-generational knowledge transfer rules by changing for the tools. But I am also sharing them, and making them available for people so it’s a ½ of this ½ of that issue. There is nothing wrong with sharing information you’ve created and profiting from that information! Additionally if you are a Kindle Owner I do make it free to loan the book, and it is part of the Kindle Library system so you can, as a Kindle Select user download the book for free.


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