Another Cool Tech Blog…

I promised more cool tech posts on my blog. I also promised a new Fred and Ed story in October, but I was actually able to find time this past week to get it posted. So here is the link to my new Fred and Ed story.

As for cool tech postings, there are a few Crowdfunded projects I am watching right now. The first one is interesting because I am a drone person.

Let’s start with Kickstarter Campaigns –

Fathom One – underwater ROV. There are a number of interesting realities when it comes to underwater remotely operated vehicles. This is the newest, I also backed another more than a year ago. The concept of operating and visualizing what is underwater is extremely interesting to me. The application as a boat owner is checking the bottom of my boat and also what is under the boat. As a former pool owner I can also say that being able to check the deep end of your pool without diving in is very nice. It opens up a new world – amazing opportunity.

Bixpy – underwater propulsion. So in continuing what is apparently my underwater theme, the Bixpy. This is a device that allows you to propel your kayak, long board or even yourself through the water. Hand held, or attached it allows you access to and the ability to move through the water easily and very fast. The video they have created is very cool. The units are a little pricey but based on what you are getting it is well, a great investment.

How about stuff on Indiegogo?

clip_image002The Glyph – wearable theater. First of all, the number of campaigns that I have backed twice is small. Pebble Smart Watches are one I’ve backed twice. The Touchjet team’s Pond projectors are a product I’ve backed twice. Glyph is another product I am backing twice. Frankly the theater experience offered by Glyph is fantastic. In the growing world of personal video and audio, this is a great entertainment device. In fact, I use the device all the time. The proof is in the picture I’ve included of me wearing my Glyph it’s a personal entertainment selfie. The cool thing is, when you are out and about with your laptop, this doubles as a very nice 100-inch monitor, IN YOUR POCKET! I am often sent documents to read. It is a lot easier to read them on a large screen like at home, or when I am not at home on the Glyph!

The next project is Subbe. I would have backed this one before I had the boat. But, well now it just fits perfectly with the expected outdoor experience. I just need to get certified on scuba again, and away we go. Next summer exploring the many underwater mysteries of the Chesapeake Bay! Like all things the underwater craze will pass. Maybe. This particular one, combined with all the other underwater ROV and underwater propulsion projects makes for an interesting project portfolio.

I have and do back a number of projects on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo. I often get asked to help struggling innovators as they embark on the early pre-launch phases of their project. There are three things I always tell people and campaigns.

· Be honest about time. Well be as honest as you can. For those backing, be patient. Edison tried 300 or more different ways for the light bulb none of them worked. Until the lightbulb worked. So backers be patient. Creators be honest about the time!

· Update early and update often. Better to over communicate than disappear. Frankly the campaigns that do a good job communicating are the ones that result in less frustration from backers. Plus, you get backers like me that are serial backers of some products!

· It is a journey – have fun!

I noted in my book on innovation and innovators that crowd funding had tilted innovation and tradition on its head. I have say now nearly two years after writing that book, it is more so now than ever before. Jump on the bandwagon, we have room left!