New Tech, Cool Tech talking about the Microsoft Hololens…

I have to say I am struggling, in a good way, with what/where Microsoft’s Hololens product should fit. Normally as a long time software architect I start out with requirements. For example, in the Drone space I realized quickly that an easy use case was delivery. I coined the phrase Pizza Delivery Drone for Cloudtweaks over a year ago (June 2015). There are other drone use cases including a number of YouTube videos featuring drones and extreme sports. The other side or other use case for Drones is in the POV video. NBC in particular did a great job during the Rio Olympics using Drones to provide a new and interesting point of view.

Hololens fits across three categories that really increase the requirements it can meet or exceed. Augmented reality, virtual reality and straight out traditional PC. It floats into the wearable space and is integrated across an entire platform of productivity. Attending a virtual conference yesterday I was able to watch the computer screen with the live meeting going on, while doing research via Hololens and the browser. The conference was sponsored by Microsoft and was all about future innovations. By the end of the conference I had even more use cases where Hololens would be effective. I played around with Google Glass for about 4 months. It was an extremely interesting product that didn’t really have a solid market when it was launched. Hololens is really quite different and the capabilities it brings to bear are far greater than Google Glass did.

I thought about my use case/requirements met list for Hololens after the conference call. In fact, I have been thinking about it ever since the call ended.

· Research tool, great tool to quickly consume and produce information.

· As an Augmented Reality tool. In particular the presentation on large engine repair or unknown, first time working with a specific type of machine repairs. The concept of being able to walk in, and know which parts most often failed and then see them visually was a mix of data analysis, and the use of augmented reality to make the tech’s repair job easier!

· Medical – imagine a doctor being able to see X-Ray’s plus every other test results possible including MRI imaging and other images as they consider what to do next to solve your medical problem!

Within 10 minutes I had these three. 10 more are floating around in my head. The concept is magnificent and the reality offered is phenomenal. I realized during the virtual conference yesterday that I had been thinking about the Hololens wrong. It is not a device. It is not an IoT system. It is a platform. Because it is part of the Microsoft system, it integrates from the cloud down.

So after nearly three months of using the Hololens I find myself using it more now, than I did when it was the cool new geeky unpack and use toy! Now it is a tool that I find has a lot of functional applicability to what I do today, with a huge amount of upside.

I have two rules for reviews: I only mention names when there is something really great or something horrible. Normally the something horrible is either a solution that doesn’t meet the projected goals or really bad customer service. I was one of the early adopters of the Google Glass system, I saw potential that was not realized in the product. It just didn’t have the capabilities that its potential offered. The Hololens on the other hand exceeds the potential by offering even greater capabilities. I cannot wait to see the device connecting even further into the world that is tomorrow!

Plus, frankly the last star fighter design of the Hololens makes it even cooler!


Hololens fan !