Wandering up and down a few old posts, talking about technology and answering reader questions….

Today is a wrap up, respond and wander around previously posted topics day. The first one has to do with the newest version of Windows Server. I have a system running windows 10 (well I did) and download the image file to that machine. I was going to create a DVD and then boot to the DVD to install the new server OS. Windows Server 2016. It is still in Tech Preview and I wanted to get it installed and play with the new server OS. What to my wondering eyes was the coolest new feature? From within a Windows 10 operating environment I could open the ISO file (you could that from Windows XP on) launch the set-up and not have to boot to a DVD to install Windows Server 2016. That is a cool feature.

I have a computer with 32 gigs of RAM that was well just sitting in my office. So Windows Server 2016 was installed on it so I could build a Hyper-V machine. I have been using VMWare Workstation but frankly it costs almost as much for VMWare as my MSDN license so I am only going to pay for two copies of VMWare (one on the Macintosh and one on my office PC) and run the third box with Hyper-V instead. So far, the install and operation has been impressively easy. Given, that I have a lot of Windows Server experience, it still didn’t take any time or effort to get up and running. I am really enjoying the new console and look/feel of Windows Server 2016. It moves closer to the Windows 10 look and feel which is really a lot easier to move around in!

Follow on to my now nearly 6 month old Microsoft Surface Book. In my original review I highly recommended the product, now 6 months later, I will say it is without a doubt the best laptop I own. It was the only computer I took for two weeks in Europe. I managed to post a blog every day using the Book only. I had the computer connected to the Cruise Ship’s Wi-Fi and every hotel we stayed at during the trip. It preformed like a champ! Overall the product is great. If you are in the market for a high-performance, touch and pen enabled computer start with the Surface Book. I looked at the Surface Pro 4, but the book is just heads and tails better.

Two of my kids have had issues with Android phones recently. Not, annoying, go away leave me alone type issues. Both had phones that just died. They both are anti-iPhone overall but frankly you can see the what and why of iPhones. I push the envelope further than they do with technology, but I prefer to have a known good stable platform. They like the more open nature of Android phones but risk the quality control issues of phones that aren’t controlled from beginning to end. So, I’ll take my risks on a safer platform. Worst case I can always hard reset and restore my phone in a matter of minutes.

Hololens and Skype what a great combination. So as I sit on conference calls if I am working from home I use my Hololens as a tool. With the Skype capability suddenly the device became a lot more useful. Hololens (well this is only one use case) lets you have a monitor, or many monitors all around your office. I normally have two browser windows open during conference calls so that I can quickly look things up and confirm them. Now I can add a window with the meeting as well. Frankly Hololens is a great addition to my information searching reality. I am thinking about building an application for the Hololens platform that encompasses some of the cool technology of IoT with the Hololens. More on that to come!

To everyone that has asked – yes there is a new Fred and Ed story in the works. I am finishing it up so expect it on my podcast in either October or November. I am going to post my September podcasts in the new few days. It takes me some time to pull together Fred and Ed stories. My apologies to everyone for the semi-annual nature of the stories.


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