Yea though I walk through a room covered in Lego’s I will not…OUCH.

The shifting sands of time. No not of time, the shifting sands around us. From a technology perspective the time we are in now, the pre-dawn of the information age, will seem primitive and arcane in 10 years. It may, with the potential dawn of the information age near, seem primitive in 2 years. But for now, we live in the stone age of information technology.

Of course the great analysts and pundits have pushed us into the information age. Well at least they call this the information age. But frankly it is night and the power is out because you blew a fuse. Without a flashlight you have to traverse a Lego covered floor. You see that floor lies between us and the information age. We remain in the dark.

That locked PDF file, the hard drives in a conference room, the ideas that sit inside people’s heads, those are the Lego’s. Those are things strewn about on the floor with no pattern and frankly other that a sweeping declaration that we do not “not share.” The double negative a loud positive. Share. Send forth into that good night the rage, the ideas the concepts, yea even the dreams. Then and only then will we land upon the distance shore of the information age. Truly the utterance of Max, I will eat you up. In the end how the expert system came to be. Information eaten but never shared. A solitary meal on a solitary island. So sad when nothing is shared. So sad when you are all alone.

I think sometimes that the information age, is an island. Like the island Max visited in the book “Where the wild things live.” Overland and oversea through the day and through the night. A journey that is undertaken but perhaps never finished.

Why do people still hoard knowledge?

Once shared, like a great party is growing. Comes to you as a robust concept. A fully-fleshed out concept that has capability and impact. Why wouldn’t we in so living so ashore?

Because, we live in the world of experts. Experts cannot share all the information they have, because the information is how they became experts. It is the nuisance they put, the symbols above the letters in their names that make them special. The functional at the end of their name. I am not Nick. I am NICK! That exclamation points the finishing mark of their expertise.

You see in chasing intergenerational knowledge transfer you run into the reality of the expert system. In attempting now, for many years, to build a bridge from now to the information age, I have run into the expert system many times. The path leading to the information age, now a darkened room strewn with Lego’s and you, no flashlight and you must cross the floor.

The dawn of the information age is the end of the current expert system. It is the development of a system managed by experts with the intent of finding napkins with magic on them. Finding ideas wherever they are. In nurturing dreams.

It is a world where Dr. King’s dream lives. That people are judged not just by the content of their minds but how much they share that content. Each of us, valued for ideas shared.

That is my dream.


I am not an expert