As requested more cool tech blog…

People ask me all the time, what cool tech is coming. Mostly after I post a cool tech blog, but not always. I did post one the other day, and I’ve gotten about 10 emails asking for more cool upcoming technology. I do have a few more things that I think are incredibly interesting, but the window (crowd funding wise) has closed on most of them. So the first thing is I promise I will get back to more regular cool upcoming tech posts on my blog.

One cool technology that has already come to crowd funding and has shipped its product is the water strider. I remember as a kid watching water striders and being amazed by them. They rode on the water on four pockets of air. The Water Strider for Phantom Drones adds four legs to your drone that allow you to land on water safely. The pods are spread far enough apart that the drone won’t power drive itself into the water. It opens up a whole new world of drone exploration.

Another cool tech item, but now long shipping is the Bubl 360 camera. It does a great job of creating 360-degree video. The software they have created is very useful and the unit is small in size and easily carried around. They actually had a charging issue with the units, found a way to fix it and shipped the fix to everyone, great customer service. Overall a great product and an emerging market of cool tech!

WaterStrider Allows The DJI Phantom 3 To Land And Takeoff On WaterMy personal favorite cool tech is the Pebble. The new Pebble Time2 is shipping in November and that feels like a major upgrade to me. I have owned a Pebble since they first shipped (and have backed all three of their crowd funding campaigns). The Pebble is a great resource/tool in the smart watch space. It is one thing I never leave home without my pebble. In fact, we have three in the family now (my wife, my daughter and mine).

There are a number of other cool tech ideas and concepts that are coming to the market or in the market now. The concept of 3d printing continues to expand. 3Doodler is a product and company that I find interesting. Their new Pro 3Dooler pen can print in specific metals. That gives you the ability to free hand a 3d object if you are able to draw at all. Another soon to be shipping piece of cool technology is the Microsoft Hololens. I’ve had the pleasure of using the technology for the past couple of months and frankly I find it incredibly useful. I actually often use it on conference calls. By simply connecting my keyboard, wearing the Hololens and being on the call I can quickly look things up on-line. I have two browser windows tied open in space, so I can look right, and look left, and interact with the bowser window, while still seeing the computer screen in front of me. The power of being able to quickly look things up while on the phone, is a significant vale add for me.

Microsoft has announced HoloLens Developer Edition for those people ...As the Hololens, and the shipping Oculus Rift continue to expand the world of VR, who knows what new things will come. I am a huge fan of Cortana anyway (I dropped Siri to replace it with Cortana. Frankly Cortana is the best voice activation and control system. Microsoft you done good there!) Cortana seems to be even more effective via the Hololens system. The system even seems to do well with moderate ambient noise in the system. If the ambient noise rises too high, Cortana struggles but frankly so does Alexa, Google Voice and Siri. Cortana seems to handle ambient noise better than the other three, but struggles considerably in the car. I find in our Sienna Mini-Van and Mini-Cooper that all four really have a hard time.

Cortana coupled with the new Surface Book really seems to do well. So far I have found it to be an incredibly useful tool. It is on par with the capabilities of the traditionally more powerful Dragon speaking system. Interesting that Microsoft’s Hololens allows you both the voice (Cortana) but also is able to understand some level of gesture control. Neither of those work well if you are on a crowded train. At least voice control works in the car to a degree. Although you wouldn’t want to wear the HoloLens headset in the car. That would be dangerous, unless the car was self-driving. Also, interesting both the Oculus and the Hololens are fairly easy to wear. You don’t get the neck fatigue you get with other larger headsets.

More cool tech blogs to come!