Cool Tech, links and more information!

So in yesterday’s blog I talked about why I still have printers and scanners in my house. The link to yesterday is here. I mentioned a printer that I love called the Pankcakebot. It is a printer that you can have in your house, take an SD card with images you create on your computer and print them in pancake batter. From R2D2 to any shape including your Aunt Sally, you can print it. From creativity to pancake in less than 2 minutes. I didn’t, sadly remember to include a link to the Pankcakebot and was reminded of that error by several readers. So here is the link to the home page of the Pankcakebot.

I apologize for not including the link yesterday. One of the requestors asked me “how come you always know about the early technology offerings?” I know because I frequently check Kickstarter and Indiegogo’s sites for new projects that I may be interested in or tech that is cool and new. Pankcakebot is a project that I backed and it is one that I love. There are many other cool tech projects that I use and love that come from KS and IG. So the easy answer is, I watch for cool tech on the sites where cool tech pops! The other point made by the reader was “You used to post early and cool tech reviews on your blog and you haven’t in a long time.”

So without being asked twice. My cool KS and IG projects!


1. I am a huge drone fan. I fly my Phantom DJ3 frequently getting images and getting dive bombed by frustrated hawks. The newest area of exploration is underwater. This project is interesting and one that I am currently backing

a. Fathom One – underwater ROV.

b. (my rule is I have to back the project before reviewing it.

2. Padbot is an interesting project that shipped about a year ago. Turning your tablet into a remote presence device. Really nice project. Their new version is smaller and looks extremely exciting and is ending today. is the link to their site!


1. The Glyph is a personal theater. They have already shipped the 1.o version and it is awesome! It connects via HDMI to your device and provides you with a visual and audio experience that is amazing. I use it frequently when I am watching Hulu and Netflix. It gives you the theater feeling anywhere you are. The link to their campaign is here .

2. Subbe, a revolution in scuba. Really cool looking project. One that I am really excited and continuing my underwater theme. Well, ok two underwater projects are not a theme but you get the idea. This project is one that could change both scuba but also how much you have to carry as you dive.

My rules, just so it is clear. I have to be a backer of the project before I will post it on my blog. I keep a list of projects that don’t deliver on their promises. I may post those in a blog at some point, I haven’t to date, but I may eventually. For the most part in backing technology projects I am in the 80% received rate. (items promised and delivered around 80% of the time). I am also considering my KS/IG hall of fame. Devices that not only delivered on the promise, but exceeded in delivery of a product.

Cool tech is all about looking ahead. Figuring out new ways to solve complex problems and having fun while you are doing it!


Tech Fan and professional Geek.