If you build it, they better need it (first!)

My apologist for the wandering post yesterday. I started down one path and then in leaving the transmission and clutch by the side of the road completely reversed directions and went a new way. That happens from time to time when you blog every day. I am actually surprised that it doesn’t happen more often than it does.

Technology being a rapidly changing field, to keep up you have to be willing to commit to change and execute it effectively (change). I am pretty good at change overall, so it isn’t surprising when I change trains mid-thought. It is, however, a bit rough for my readers so my apologies.

I have in the past posted political rants on my blog. I have in the past posted political rants on Facebook and another social media. This is the pledge I am taking this electron season. I will not post my thoughts, responses nor will I read the thoughts, responses and posts of anyone talking about the US elections. There is so much stuff out there, bad and worse that it just isn’t worth engaging.

Over the long weekend I read an interesting article focused on what the big trends in technology are right now. I struggled to find common ground with the writer and in the end could not. Technology is evolving, the concept of server less infrastructure is alone the evolution of cloud that creates the cloud as a service system. That evolution coupled with machine learning places cloud solutions ahead of on promise solutions right now. That will evolve and on premise will catch up but for now the evolution and evolutionary leaps are occurring in the cloud. The article I read didn’t even bring that up, it was focused more on physical technology coming.

Oh well.

I wonder if the long pole in the technology tent is actually the migration. Whereas you consider the technology portfolio of a company or government agency the reality of where they are (deployed) matters more in the short run than the capabilities (evolution) available for them. As in the reality of today is more critical now, than it will be tomorrow.

Eventually as companies move to broad sweeping cloud solutions, the reality of the now migration will dissipate. Evergreen cloud solutions buy you the value of not having to upgrade your cloud solutions. Going forward. The emergence of the long awaiting Cloud Brokers (and in my vision the City Broker) will create a stronger digital economy and an easier digital transition. The pain of migrations today being a limiting factor for many customers.

I have written a number of tools in the past three years considering and evaluating how, what, when, where and why you would move things to the cloud. The hype, you will save 20% right away, doesn’t really pan out. You don’t save 20%. Well some companies do. But that savings is rolled into other costs. It doesn’t magically appear on the bottom line of the company or go back into the coffers of a government or non-profit organization.

One of the realities of computing today is performance. But performance isn’t what is presented as performance statistics by many service providers. Performance has to be a holistic view of a solution. Where the solution provides value to the users and drives value for the business or organization. You see the problem with raw numbers (x millisecond response time) is the reality of what you are measuring.

As the tools are available publicly I will happily share the link.

For now, let’s consider the reality of speed. By speed we are talking response time for a remote and response time for an on premise application. What you need to measure is not the performance of the machines running or services running the computation but the rate at which the user can consume the data. If you provide data before the user is ready it is not consumed.

Performance should be considered an evaluation of the quality of information provided to user and the time in which the user can accept, consume and utilize that information.


Its all about the performance baby!