The days of notes from TSA are past now, because I don’t have to carry as many gadgets.

In search of one gadget to rule them all, and in my pocket bind them. At various times in the past 10 years I have, in considering the world around me, had a number of gadgets. A few of them I still have, but that is more because what I paid for them and what they are worth now makes me sad. Some because I still use them. There is value in a hand held scanner when you want to capture something quickly (rolling the scanner over it). There isn’t anymore, value in a handheld GPS. Yes, it is more accurate than the GPS in my phone but we are talking inches now, not feet. If it were more accurate to within plus or minus 200 feet, I would still carry it.

I did, for the longest time carry a personal weather station. Why? Well as a certified weather geek you have to have a weather station. I just ordered one to mount on the boat in fact. Well actually I backed a Kickstarter weather station campaign. That lets me do two of my favorite things, back a cool innovation and well add a new tech gadget to the boat!

There was a time, as a traveling professional that I carried a portable Satellite radio, a portable GPS and speakers for the portable satellite radio. Along with a portable weather station. All packed in my bad and checked at the airport. At one time I had almost a 4 by 4-foot section of the wall in my office covered in TSA we opened your bag and looked inside sheets. They leave those in your suitcase when you have too many wires.

Now all of that is replaced by a cell phone. GPS, XM, weather and the only thing I still need is a speaker, but with the Hi-Fi Skyn, that just means I need to carry a single add on device for my phone. A set of engineered speakers that are amazing.

The concept now for me that is interesting is data production. I no longer need to worry about connecting to the data I want to consume. Now I wonder what data I want to produce. Personally as a weather geek I want local (my hosue) weather data. I want to know how much power my solar panels are producing.

There are security requirements (who is entering my hosue, video surveillance and other bits of information that are also needed). I’ve talked before about the concept of prioritization, if you are away from home and someone breaks into your house, you certainly want that information presented to you regardless of where you are. That is right away, right now type information. The fact that your washer is leaking, also something you want to know right now. Your dog dumping over the trash can isn’t something you would need right now. It has already happened.

Once you determine the information you are producing and the nature of the information you can begin to build a notification system. But unlike when I started out, you actually won’t be carrying a ton of devices. Maybe two, your phone and your smart watch. Managing to display hyper critical information on your smart watch so you can respond.

Now if I could only find my car keys.


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