Technologies that are changing the world, one step at a time!

There are a number of products/technology areas that interest me right now. As a gadget lover there are many more things you can engage with and utilize. I thought I would share the top three projects/products that interest me right now.

The very first is the Seek Thermal imaging system. It plugs into your phone or they also offer a handheld thermal imaging system. I used the iPhone plug in version for ages. One of the things it made me realize was I was trying to reduce the impact of my home and trying to reduce my heating and cooling bills. Solar cut a huge amount out of my cooling bills. But when I wandered around my house with the seek thermal I notice my windows were not by any stretch of the imagination holding any cool in or for that matter any heat out (and the reverse in winter). Great tool, really nice software to boot. They do also have a standalone camera that is quite effective.

My next technology that I am thinking is game changing technology is a new video weather system. It is live on Kickstarter for today (August 30th 2016) and is fully funded. It offers a new capability for weather systems that I find interesting. Yes, I am an acknowledged weather geek. But the ability to have time lapse video of a storm is really cool. Particularly if I don’t have to expose my DSLR or me to the weather to get the time lapse. A really exciting a new idea. Add to that the pre-built mounting system. I cannot wait for this product to arrive.

Growing up in a hosue that focused on science I love scientific instruments. I have a digital Microscope for seeing small things, up close and personal. I have a telescope that allows me to take images of the moon, and other objects clearly seen from earth. Imagine my delight as I wandered across the project. A Seismograph using a Raspberry PI system. Wow! The project is fully funded, but I suspect they will begin accepting pre-orders soon for the second wave of the product. Now you can tell if the shaking was just your house settling or an earthquake!

There is a poem I recall The Clod and the Pebble by William Blake. In that poem the clod speaks of love and the Pebble speaks well, not of love. The team at the Pebble Smart watch picked the wrong name from the poem! They should have gone with clod because this is a device I love. Now that I think about it Pebble is a cooler name. “What smart watch do you wear?” I wear a clod. Yeah, the Pebble remains one of the smartest projects I’ve backed, ever. The newest version provides many more upgrades, updates and continued cool factor. I backed the very first Pebble watch more than 3 years ago. It arrived and hasn’t been off my wrist since then. The only reason I have a different Pebble now, is that I am wearing the new Time from Pebble rather than the original (my wife has the original and she loves it). The device is simply amazing. The software just works.

Another interesting and intriguing technology is translation. The reality of translation is availability. When you are wandering the streets of Copenhagen, and need to translate a Danish word, Google Translate works, but it costs you money. You don’t pay Google; they are providing a free service. You pay your cellular provider for the data you use. Frankly what you pay for cellular data is painful when you are roaming outside your normal country. That brings up the next interesting project, also well-funded and heading towards design/build. Not in hands yet, like the upcoming seismograph and the video weather station these are not on the market yet. But the ability to have an off-line translation device is very cool. The universal translator of Star Trek! Can you imagine the conversation? “Yes my ear piece does automatic translation of languages and things spoken to me.” “That is very cool. But why Klingon?” “Because it can!”

I’ve embedded links to the sites of most of the technologies listed in this blog. Seek Thermal you can find by simply doing a Bing or Google search (Seek Thermal). The others all include links. Some of iterations of previous products (Pebble) others are new capabilities or enhanced capabilities that I find intriguing. It is a great time to be a gadget geek.