City Brokers (or regional) as a path to a brighter tomorrow!

First off, I do not believe that a municipal, or regional government sponsored cloud broker would provide all the security required by citizens and business served by the broker. It would however bring up the baseline to an acceptable minimum security level. Between shared security, power and common core services the City Broker and the resulting City Marketplace would be a great asset.

I call it the city broker but it could be a regional, county, province or other government agency level. Frankly large organizations in the government would probably build their own brokers as well. Serving the agencies within that government department (such as say a defense department). National health services could offer brokerage services that spanned hospitals, private care doctors and other health professionals.

In my book the Syncverse I wrote a concept that is one I find interesting. It was that of creating what I called the EDUverse. The goal of the Syncverse was to create a common store for personal and professional information. But that common store would also include a broader system for sharing. Where schools could literally have a place for teachers to build and share lesson plans. I realize growing up with the influences I had, my interest in teaching and sharing science was probably higher than most people’s. But if we enable a system to share lesson plans that expand teacher’s abilities to deliver core subjects it would be of value. Additionally, we could then share those lessons delivered via video. That means when a child who only speaks Thai, leaves Thailand for the US, they could still receive lessons in Thai (and in English).

City Brokers connecting together could allow for the expansion of global education. Not just for elementary aged students but for middle, high and college aged students and for that matter people that just want to learn and continue to learn the rest of their lives. Be a lifelong learner and with this collective we can better enable that passion. The concept of think global act local, would be further enabled for educators. They could see what is being done around a topic, globally and still present local information about that topic.

Security, education, healthcare and more support for business (globally, regionally and locally) would create both a vibrant economy for the city, increased tax base, and a stronger more effective educational system.

clip_image001Simply put a system that allows the integration of the components of long term development. You can’t build the economy of a city that is dying. But if the city is supporting and building its citizens into the workers of tomorrow, we integrate education, business, innovation and security.

City brokers give us the path to providing stronger education, more citizen and more unified cyber security. It won’t be the be all end all of security, you still need to have local security. What can be done for a common security model however is remove the big risks. Build an environment in the city or broker where at least the core security is there. That reduces the risks for consumers and providers in the broker space. Finally offering students a global view and global education prepares them for the information age, getting us ever closer to that long promised age.

Finally, the city broker does two more things that are critical. It allows for the underlying creation of the Syncverse concepts. It also builds a non-tax revenue base for the city. Reducing the cost to provide services while increasing the non-tax revenue base allows the city to pursue reducing the overall reliance on taxation as its primary form of monetary distribution.


Author, The Syncverse