Rejiggering my how is your home office decorated post, to focus more on where do you go for quiet?

I posted a question written in an article on LinkedIn recently about office decorations. The intent was a view/conversation around the change in office educations in the past 10 years or so. Instead a dear friend turned it into the office of the future discussion. Actually knowing the person in question, he once shared a video of his remodeled office in Michigan. So he got the intent, his point however was that the office anywhere concept was bigger than the change I was point out.

He is right of course, although I would probably never tell him that directly. We wouldn’t want to be the cause of his inability to get through doors with ego growth. Anyway the concept of a four walled office is one that is fading. First off, the equality of cubes is something to consider. I have a home office that if I really need quiet to create something I work there. If I am working as part of a project I actually prefer to be in acute space and not have walls around me. I had a great office when I first moved to the DC area (and really no home office). Since getting a great home office space I have managed to fill it with the tools that are useful for me to leverage in what I do.

So, the intent pre comment was to consider what are the components of a good office. The point, of the comment was that it shouldn’t be bound to locations. That I realized is the reality of the future of offices. You can today get a great speaker (I love the JBL) that is portable, connects via Bluetooth and offers the ability to connect your PC and your other mobile devices in multiple ways. It creates amazing sound so you can interact with the rest of the people on the call, in whatever location you are. It also allows you to have additional people where you are, freeing them from the office rule of being in the office.

In fact, the technology is here, today to get you out of the office. Flexible and portable so that you can be on the move. But what then of the need for peace and quiet?

A place where you can go and listen to the many shifts within the music of Beethoven. The sounds of nature and the sounds of classical music can mix and mingle but the enjoyment is much greater of each when they are considered separately. What then are the tools you need for peace and quiet. I know my friend is going to say noise cancelling headphones and be outdoors. I agree with him that it is really important to get people out of their space and moving around. Motion is the critical piece of changing life styles for better health. But you still need those moments to quietly take in and reflect.

When I was younger my mother used to complain because I studied with music on. I write my blogs each day with music on. Classical for the most part. Actually Amazon Prime Music focused on Classical, presented by Alexa. You need a good speaker for your home space as well as a good speaker for portability. Again I use the JBL self-powered speaker for portable and Alexa, voice controlled speaker from Amazon.

My office has a mix of table space and technology pieces as well. Projects that I am working on that I don’t really want wandering around. So they sit in my home office in various states of progress. My Raspberry PI is fully assembled but I have a new board I need to connect so it is sitting on my back desk. On the day I get a couple of upcoming Kickstarter projects I will be finishing that project. For now, it is just waiting. So part of my home office is the need for safe space. Space I can leave things for further consideration.

Part of my home office is also the concept of sound. From my Amazon Fire Speaker and from my Sonos systems I get home audio. I also have a nice conference phone so I don’t have to be in the office to take conference calls. Personally I like the Logitech Conference cam (c300) as it works as a VOIP phone for LiveMeeting, WebEx, GoToMeeting and all the other web conferencing systems.

The last part of my home office is a creative area. I need a lot of whiteboard space. I have a wall sized portable whiteboard that moves around. It is connected to an electronic whiteboard system. I have a second electronic whiteboard on a wall. Then I have two idea paint whiteboards on the wall (an idea from another good friend). That gives me space to lay out the problem on the wall and move things around.

Yes, I do love being outdoors and work outdoors often. The balance is what are you doing and how much quiet do you need. So how is your office decorated for quiet?