There is no central Windows computer, please stop calling me (and for that matter everyone else on earth).

In the past year I have had this phone conversation at least 12 times. During that time, I have attempted to keep the people on the line as long as I could. Why? Because if I keep them on-line as long as possible that is at least one and possibly two other people they won’t bother and hopefully one less person that falls prey to this scam.

1. There is no central Windows Computer. Microsoft was charged with being a monopoly and agreed with the US Federal government to stop certain practices. One of which would be the creation of a central windows server.

2. There isn’t a central windows computer. Period.

So the scammers call you with a sense of urgency in their voices “we are getting many errors from your computer.” I like to ask them what errors. They tell me Malware or virus’s. String them along, see how long you can get them to waste the money of the phone line. Probably actually are using Google voice or other VOIP services so it doesn’t cost them anything.

They will ask to connect to your computer. Don’t ever let anyone connect remotely to your computer unless you know that person. Microsoft support, IBM support, Google Support, AWS Support and so on will never without your permission ask to connect to your computer. 99.999999999999999999999999% they will never ask to connect to a home computer, ever.

By the way, if you let them talk you through what they want to show you, they will take you to one of the various Windows system folders and tell you everything in the folder is a virus. The last one that showed me the problem took me to the folder that loads my tray icons (the icons in the lower right corner of your screen) and told me they were all viruses. I asked “even the clock” and the person hung up on me. How rude.

First of all, shame on the people calling. I understand having to make a living. But there are limits to what we do as human beings. Calling people to trick them into doing something studio is bad. Yes, you have to make a living but can you really do so scamming other people and still look at yourself in the mirror.

I’ve ended the last four calls with shame on you, said to the person calling me. One of them argued with me, saying I want to connect to your computer to help you. I said, let me download a virus scanner. He said the virus in question can’t be detected by a virus scanner. I hung up on him. I guess for that one I was rude.

Please be aware that this scam is still out there. It is still happening. Make them stay connected with you by “starting your computer” ask them questions. Keep them occupied for 1-2 or more minutes. The more time you take from them, the less money they can take from someone else.

It is, by the way. A scam. I promise. There is no central windows computer. If there is it wouldn’t be operated by Microsoft or any other software vendor. If there is one, you don’t want to be reporting to that computer. It the words of Admiral Akbar from Star Wars “It’s a trap!”


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