Building an inclusive learning system (Part 5)

Virtual training allows a number of additions to a training process. First off there are a number of virtual training systems. The US Smithsonian Museum has created a model that you can find here of the Apollo 11 space capsule. This interactive 3d model allows you to wander around the Apollo 11 capsule. Another project in this area is one using the Minecraft engine from Microsoft. It is called MindRising and focused on the digital story telling. In particular, a very effective retelling of the history of Ireland.

Just these two show the amazing abilities and capabilities of Virtual training. There are many more, within the Oculus store today there are several additional Virtual Reality training systems. You can place someone in the position of immersed training. You are as a training organization no longer bound to web sites and books. You are not bound to video presentations that are in front of the user. You have a 360-degree world to build training in.

Imagine, for a moment being inside the Apollo 11 capsule. Or for that matter servicing a dishwasher. With VR you can experience this directly. You can familiarize yourself with the sharp edges and metal pieces that will grab you and tear your shirt, or worse provide you with a nice cut and a chance to visit the emergency room for stitches.

VR also does other interesting things for training. One of the training systems that I see having significant value from VR is that of Virtual Immersion© originally shared on the CloudTweaks blog. Virtual Immersion© allows you to actually add additional components that are specific to what you are training for. The example would be back to that dishwasher. We would have the person training actually inside a space the size of a corner of a kitchen and the projection would be into an even smaller space. The cramped, warm and uncomfortable feeling would help the person later as they sit in your kitchen repairing your dishwasher. The same is true for repairing cars, or for repairing people. Smells and sensations could be added to allow the trainee to experience the actual feeling of complete ling the process. A fully immersive training experience.

As VR training catches on, expands and becomes de rigor there are many additional areas where VR adds value. Anything that can only be done once, should be practiced in a VR setting first. Anything that requires risk for a human being would be practiced in VR mode many times first.

But the other change will be the actual academy for training. With VR you can expand the capabilities and delivery abilities of the learning system. You can create virtual rooms, deliver virtual training with people interacting all around the world. ILT can become Instructor Led Virtual training allowing the effective development and delivery of global training, without having to pay for travel and other expenses.

I envision a virtual school within any training site. Where you can go and attend any class. If you arrive after the class started, you can quickly catch up by reviewing the recorded classes and within 1, 2 days actually join the live class. It changes not only how we store and manage training but opens doors to allow people to train at their pace.

VR is to training and the computer is to the world we live in now. It is a game changer. One that will continue to expand the capabilities of the training organization within your organization. Virtual Immersion© adds the ability to train people in core functions that are risky or exacting multiple times before they actually go out into the field and deliver it. VR and Virtual Immersive© training allows the organization to have virtual classrooms that allow students to work through the class at their own speed. If they learn best watching after the fact they can do so. If they are most comfortable in an ILT format, they can interact live with the instructor. Virtual Immersive© allows you to build a training system that recreates the environment and delivery mode for the solutions your organization trains on.

It is to steal a line from the song, a future so bright you have to wear VR Goggles (no sunglasses required, except VR Goggles are well effectively sun glasses).


Virtual Reality dreamer