Building an inclusive learning system (Part 3)

While the DLM© is a link in the learning system it is there. You use the DLM© as expected to provide the organizational specific IP. How we do things and how we document what we’ve done. Additionally, the trainers for the other side of the learning system are the SME’s of the DLM© to keep the overall cost of the system lower.

The first problem is to solve the what do you make mobile problem. The future of training systems will be the intelligent connection of mobile devices and off-line training capabilities. This is not simply pulling down documents to read on an airplane (I did that for years using the old Groove application). It is more the ability of a user to enter the training site and select various training audio and video for off-line consumption.

On-line off-line checkbox!

Now the reality of training is that sometimes you are training on specific competitive advantages, based on that you may to limit the ability of a hand help mobile device from downloading training or consider an on device container. There has to be the ability of the system to reference the device you are browsing training on and notify you if you cannot use that device for that training. Queue that title to be downloaded the next time the user connects with an approved device.

The training library itself should include the following:

· Open posting for employee podcasts

· Open posting of all training delivered (video and audio)

· Open blog posting

· Open Vlog posting

· Slide library

· PDF reference library.

· Academy on-line/off-line courses

· Live web training

· Recorded web training

· CBT interactive training

· CBT reference training

· Text based training

· Quick hit reference guides

It is a long list but a complete list this is simple a reference point going forward for things to be captured and offered. You may have other types of training you capture. The goal is to capture and link to training sources where possible. Links get updated by external and internal sources so the training team doesn’t have to manage that process.

We have the first component of our training system now. What can be used on-line or off-line. The next component we build is the academy itself. The original idea for the academy came from a co-worker many years ago. I’ve evolved that concept considerably to take into account the new modes of information sharing available. Additionally, there are some flavors and variations of the academy process that we will discuss.


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