Why share? Why post and why?

109A5150I decided, as part of my ongoing family history project to post videos of this vacation (and slowly others as well) on YouTube. Some of the videos are good, some are bad but they are slowly making their way to the world. It is a risk because some of the videos aren’t that good. But it is part of what I am trying to do, to share both my thoughts (on this blog) and my family history (on my other blog). Family history is a living project. It changes all the time.

https://www.youtube.com/user/ScottDocAndersen is our YouTube Family history channel

http://scottoandersen.wordpress.com is my blog site where I post pictures and thoughts/stories that go with the people in the pictures. On occasion I also post technology reviews and poems on the site.

Http://docandersen.podbean.com is my podcast, more focused on technology thoughts but I do occasionally post a Fred and Ed story. If you don’t know Fred and Ed, try them out!

109A4788We’ve been doing this project for now nearly 2.5 years. During that time, I have learned a lot of lessons. First off, scanning images that are slides and photographs takes time. How you organize the information also takes time. But realizing in many cases 2 or 3 people have seen the picture/image ever, it’s also important to share the information and get it out into the world.

I shared a blog here the other day thanking people that share. Professional sharing and personal sharing are really important. As the capabilities improve you have the opportunity to share more and more information with the world. The more we share the smaller the world becomes. You see sharing brings people together. Ideas, as mentioned in my blog yesterday are the one thing you can’t take away from people.

So I share.

Yes, I overshare. I put too many things out into the world. I spend time every day sitting at my deal and wondering about the world. I envisage things that people look at and think “why is he sharing this?” Why? Because I really think ideas are something to be shared. Thoughts and memories of people out into the world. Someday the more than 5000 blogs I’ve published will show a picture of part of me to people I will never meet. A piece of me that will forever help others define me. In my words, with my images, videos and voice.

109A4917There in my friend lies the rub. The more you share the more you put out into the world the more people can learn who you are. The more people can learn about the things that were important (are important) to you. Your thoughts, ideas and dreams out into the world

It is an inclusion thing. To share not only of yourself but of your family and friends. To put out into the world the things that you think about, the ideas you have. To share.

Thanks for being a reader of my sharing. I hope in some small way it helps you understand who and what I am, but that it also helps you figure out what you are looking for as well.


(all images used for this blog came from our recent trip overseas.)