Information Transfer–a celebration of those who share!!!!!

One of the things that bothers me and has bothered me for many years is the reality of information hoarding. But the other side of that problem is a wonderful gift. People who share information with all their hearts and might. Taking information that flows to them and making sure that it is shared with others. Freely by the way, that information moves into the world with no strings attached.

Part of the design process for the DLM© was creating an environment where SME’s sat at the top level with the goal of capturing information and getting it out to everyone. The SME’s would, by the virtue of what they were doing actually become information sharing people. We would in creating such a system, rotate people through eh SME role. Over time using that role to create an information sharing culture within the organization.

It wouldn’t happen overnight. But once information was pulled from the controlling hands of the hoarders we would have a system in place that wouldn’t allow them to close that door again. Under the auspice of The Edison Scale© we build in the missing piece. The creation of information flow within the organization regardless of you are in the organization. The broad concept of inter, intra and cross function knowledge transfer.

Moving information within the organization as though it were water. Freely flowing wherever there was a need. When you go to the DLM© system you get answers. If the answer you got, doesn’t fit the problem have completely you resubmit the variables and the new fix. Now we have two good fixes for slight variations of the same problem. Over time some fixes will fade out of the system into an archive. This fits with the broader information lifecycle system needed to keep the knowledge transfer system fast and lean.

That’s not really my point today. I want to take a moment and thank everyone that encourages people to share information. I would argue that it’s important to filter the information you share. When you are away from home on vacation, I highly recommend you DO NOT POST ANYTHING about your vacation on social media. When you get home, post like a maniac. Do so in the past tense. Why make it easier for someone to hack into your house or systems because you aren’t there?

So today is celebrate those who share. People that post pieces of information and share that with as many people as are interested in that information. Celebrating those who already understand the value of knowledge transfer. No piece of information stored and never used ever had value. There is a perception of that information having value but there is no value. Information gains value when it is used and consumed.

Again, thanks to all those who share information. Please do be careful when sharing and apply filters to when and where you share. My rule is I share media after the vacation is done. It’s a good rule and you are less likely to have other problems if you follow that simple rule.

There are other filters but those tend to take time to understand your audience. Sharing is a two-way conversation. But once you start getting information out there it becomes fun to share. To let other’s, see and know what is going on around them.

Last time, thank you to all those who share. You are amazing people!