Is that the darkness of dawn approaching? Why is Knowledge Management so hard?

First off management is hard. Finding out the component pieces of a solution, piecing them together and then making sure they all operate cleanly and effectively isn’t an easy concept. There are massive operations process (Cobit, ITIL) written and focused on managing deployed systems. Knowledge adds many additional layers of edifice to the processes of operations.

What I know is how I got to where I am. The knowledge culture is often something that isn’t useful when trying to build a knowledge management system. It is in my head is a huge problem in building knowledge management systems.

How to get things into people’s heads or creative learning solutions is also something that impacts knowledge management, for years we’ve kept learning systems and KM systems separate. They ultimately should be one and the same.

The way things are, those immortal words of guidance that the reason your system works the way it does is because it has always worked that way and it will always work that way.

Billedresultat for Knowledge ManagementInteresting, but the problems in building a KM system have to do with people, process and technology. The three issues listed above fit neatly into those three buckets. The expert culture and the way things are creating an environment where considering Knowledge Management is risky. It becomes a boil the Ocean project. The processes include knowledge capture, storage and search. Not having good search means that you don’t have an effective way to share the information you have. People go to knowledge management systems to solve problems. There are very few people who delight in wandering around Knowledge Management systems for fun.

Finally, we have technology our last component. For the past five years’ people and lauded the arrival of the information age. I keep looking around at all the people lauding this new age and wonder what is actually going on. There is far more information not in the systems of the world that store knowledge than in the various systems. The search engines are better than they were 10 years ago and improving virtually every single day, but we aren’t there yet.

You see the dawn of the information age comes with a bang not a whimper. With the realization that there is more digital information at your fingertips quickly than in the library around the corner stacked to the ceiling with books. Recall, search and interaction make the dawn of the information age a new time in human history.

So we aren’t there yet. Why? Because Knowledge Management is hard. It is an arduous journey filled with missteps and wrong directions. It is the creation of monolithic knowledge management systems. It is the creation of the expert culture.

· The People of knowledge are everyone.

· The processes of the knowledge system are get the information into the system easily, and provide it to people when they need it quickly.

· The technology of this system has to be flexible and not lock you into a path while expanded and quickly moving into new paradigms.

Cloud computing provides a wonderful technology platform for KM systems. You have a system that is virtually everywhere, that can be accessed from anywhere, and is the lower cost alternative to current systems if managed properly.

But Knowledge Management or the newer Intellectual Capital Management actually are only one part of the solution. We have the technology now to increase the velocity of data moving into the system for categorization and for reuse. We have the ability to get the information back out of the digital system.

We still have the expert culture though.


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