Process meet Data……

Getting past the limits of a known good sources is critical. Understanding the importance of time in this process while also creating a repository of we’ve tried this before is the goal. Building an inclusive knowledge creation structure is important, including the various processes of brainstorming and parking lots.

· Creative idea creation support system (Brainstorming)

· Non-linear creative solution discussion (Parking lot)

· Timely information provision system

· Structured source and IP feedback loops

· Structured and managed intellectual property system

· Informal IP capture system

· Interactive IP system (Social)

· Information lifecycle system

The new addition to the process is the inclusion of the formalized feedback loops. Now we include information such as relevance of source, timeliness of source and a new concept within our IP feedback – relevance to our specific problem set.

imageOur initial concept is the reality of timely versus known good. A known good source can be a timely source, in that case the feedback loop for a known good source would capture timeliness (information arrived but it was too late, a little late, just on time, or well ahead of time) the other checkbox/feedback loop would focus more on the solution. The solution worked as is, fixed our problem or enabled what we were building. The next loop would be we modified the IP slightly, and are resubmitting it with changes to reflect our solution and finally we had to modify the data significantly in order to solve our problem. Not all environments work exactly as projected or designed. The feedback for known good sources would focus on improving the variations within each solution.

Timely sources would be those leveraged if the known good source wasn’t available or as a backup system for the known good data. Simply put, it’s a launching of a search ending with the intent of finding the answer. You may search sources you know to be good (solving a windows problem, start your search at TechNet, solving an iPad problem start at Apple and so on.) While these are known good sources, the keywords and search terms are not always what you expect. Natural language search or sequential search doesn’t always result in a known response. Based on the nature of the data collection you may take these sources into the brainstorming session (initial feedback loop). If time isn’t the driver you may utilize the information in a test or trial and error system. Finally, the data may move from the unmanaged/unknown source into your managed IP system (feedback loop). This can be done in a variety of ways including knowledge articles in your service management system, or as included documentation for the working solution.


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